Oikos Triple Zero Strawberry/Mixed Berry Greek Nonfat Yogurt

4.5 5 0 265 265 Dannon offers nutrient dense Oikos Triple Zero Mixed Berry & Strawberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt, made with high-quality ingredients as an excellent, healthy source of protein.
Oikos Triple Zero Strawberry/Mixed Berry Greek Nonfat Yogurt


Love it
I absolutely would recommend it to my friends and family members. Because it's delicious I loved the overall flavor itself I feel like a bigger cup would be the only thing I'd change. Other than that it's perfect.
Oikos Yogurt
Tastes great any time of the day. Nice treat! Comes in a variety of flavors for all to enjoy.
Love the !
I love these Oikos high protein yogurts! I’m pretty active so always looking for high protein snacks and this makes for an easy healthy snack as it is high protein, low calorie.
Healthy, but Tasty!!
I love Oikos Triple Zero yogurt! It has more protein than other brands; no added sugar, but still tastes sweet; and comes in a variety of flavors. I can always find it on sale, and get coupons for it, which is an extra bonus! I love it for breakfast, or a snack, with some added fruit and granola....also is a great base for smoothies!
Not Bad
Texture & taste are pretty good. It makes a good mid morning snack.
Favorite yogurt and great flavor
This yogurt is so good and healthy for you. I have it for breakfast often, sometimes adding fresh blueberries or other fruit in with it. I give it a shake before opening and stir it up and it's ready to eat. Sweet fruity flavor without the added sugars, creamy smooth and light texture.
Very good
This mixed very greek yogurt is very good. I always add cereal to add some crunch and it goes great with the mixed berries. Makes both a great breakfast or lunch. Will purchase again.
This might be better for you but I miss the sweetness
This would probably be for adults that are big into protein. I look for how much protein there is in yogurt but I also would like to have sweetness.
I love yogurt and try to incorporate it into my diet for help with my gastro issues. This was a nice way to have a pumped up, easy lunch when I was busy getting the kids around. I also love bringing them for an easy lunch for playdates, just pair with some granola or nuts.
Oikos Greek Yogurt
I like to eat yogurt to get may dairy in my diet. Greek yogurt is thicker then regular yogurt and has more of a sour twang to it. Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt was ok, the added fruit makes it a bit less tangy to me but I could still tell it's a greek style. Would I buy it again? Maybe if I was making a smoothy but to just eat out the cup, maybe not so much. But that's just my personal preference. Would I recommend it, sure, cause it's a healthy snack and there are other ways you can eat this to jazz it up instead of just out the cup.
This was a good product! Lots of berries and serving size is just right for me.
I tried this awhile back and it was good and I'm a yogurt person so its great for a snack.
The only brand of yogurt I will buy!
Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt is a staple in my house. It is the only brand of yogurt I will buy - I've tried other name brands and store brands and none compare to Oikos. Oikos Greek Yogurt tastes great, not too sweet but still flavorful. The texture is light and fluffy, many other greek yogurts are runny and too sweet. These are my go to breakfast or after workout snacks.
I really wanted to like it
I felt that this had a weird texture. I can’t quite quite put my finger on it but it wasn’t enjoyable. The flavor itself wasn’t bad but it had a artificial aftertaste and the texture what is weird, almost dry?
Very yummy, just what I needed
I love the Greek yogurt, it has everything I want and none of the junk I do not need !!! Refreshing fruity flavor I can crave.

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