4.5 5 0 210 210 Dannon offers nutrient dense Oikos Triple Zero Mixed Berry & Strawberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt, made with high-quality ingredients as an excellent, healthy source of protein.
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Oikos triple zero yogurt
I have tried Oikos triple zero yogurt many times. I have to watch my carb and sugar intake and find this product to meet my needs. I enjoyed all the many flavors I tried. I will continue to use this product.
Good for you and tasty
It had a great taste to It for being so healthy. My kids also enjoyed it we bought the variety pack all of the strawberry and mixed berry went first.
I tried this as I had a coupon for it. Keep in mind when you read this that Greek yogurt is not a favorite of mine but tried it anyway. I have found a few that I did like somewhat, but not this one. I did not finish it. It had no flavor and I felt like I was eating school paste. I know everyone has their favorites but this is not one I will buy again.
Greek Yogurt
I really liked the yogurt. The flavor was very good. I like the size of the container. It mixes easy for putting the ingredients together. I will purchase this again.
I love most of the Oikos Triple Zero yogurt flavors! Mixed Berry is one of my favorites. It is affordable and there are usually deals on the yogurt at my local Kroger store. I eat one every morning with my breakfast. I will continue to purchase and have been a connoisseur for a long time. Highly recommend this yogurt!
Ok yogurt
This is not by any means my favorite yogurt. For some reason it taste artificial to me. I don’t know if they use artificial sweetener in it (if they do I can’t stand those). I don’t by it much but those are just my thoughts.
I really love this snack anytime of day or night as a healthy dessert.
No Sacrifice
I'm doing the fitbit thing and it's taking some getting used to. This not only tasted wonderful, was smooth in texture, and had visible fruit to brighten my day....but it makes the fitbit happy as I enter my daily food intake.
Thick yogurt
This is a delicious thick yogurt snack. I like the mixture of fruits. Dannon made a great Greek nutritional yogurt snack.
I have tried many greek yogurts and this is by far my favorite. It does not have that grainy taste that some other brands do.
This yogurt was creamy, with a great fruit taste but the after taste isn’t that great.
OIKOS Greek Yougurt
I have tried many different manufacturers of Greek Yogurt. Oikos Triple Zero Strawberry/Mixed Berry Greek Nonfat Yogurt is one of the BEST. It is very creamy, smooth and has a great taste.
Yay! Sugar free and tastes good
I love this yogurt! It’s high in protein, no sugar, and it tastes good. I’m on a restricted sugar meal plan and this makes a great snack.
Good Stuff
This is one of my favorite yogurts when I do not eat the plain with added fruit. It does not taste to artificial.
One of the best Greek yogarts I have had. I absolutely love the brand.

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