4.8 5 0 4 4 Olay Cleansing & Firming Body Wash features a creamy lather the cleanses and moisturizes to firm dry, tired skin in just weeks. The advanced formula is infused with collagen and vitamin B3 Complex, said to moisturize to restore skin's surface and leave it firmer and younger looking. The product retails in a 17.9-fl.oz. recyclable pack, bearing a Data Matrix code.
Olay Cleansing & Firming Body Wash
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Great moisturizer bodywash
The smell alone is worth the choice but the way it slathers on so silkly onto the skin is like being in a spa. It lathers up and goes on so easily and immediately makes the skin feel fabulous. And the best part - it leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated throughout the day. I like the thickness, scent, and after-shower clean feeling that Olay body washes offer. The scent is simple and not overpowering and can blend with many other personal care products. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants a bodywash and moisturizer.
Smells great
This is a really good product for moisturizing but I am unsure if it actually firm skin. It smells amazing and makes my skin smell really good. It makes my skin feel smooth and soft after using it in the shower. I would recommend it.
Play firming body wash
Olay I love this body wash. As I start to get up there in age I do notice those wrinkles coming in. I have used this for a week and like the feel of my skin being less dry and wrinkled.
Olay Cleansing Firming Body Wash
I love ❤️ using this soap because my skin looks brighter and healthy. It feels firm and smooth. Olay has came out with so much new stuff. The whole #Olay brand has improved so much. I highly recommend this product. #HomeTesterClub

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