4.8 5 0 167 167 Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash instantly lathers into thick and luxurious foam
Olay Foaming Whip White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash
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Gentle and yummy!
I love the olay whip line of skincare. I was excited to try this and was happy to see my usual olay body wash scent was available. It is smooth and rinses clean leaving my skin soft and nourished with the same scent I love and have used from them.
I Love this stuff.
This stuff is amazing. I shake it a little bit and then spray some of the foam into my hand. You use it like you would use any body wash. It doesn't lather, but kind of rubs onto your skin. It smells amazing! It leaves a lasting delicious scent on your skin.
Moisturized and clean
I really liked the feel of this body wash- it was easy to apply onto my loofah, and the lather went far. The only thing I did not like completely was the scent, but it was decent regardless. Overall, it was a win!
Love this.
I tried this product only because it was part of a gift set while actually shopping for shaving cream. I had got this stuff, 2 razors and shaving cream all under $10. That’s the only reason I bought it. I’m glad I got to try it out because it does a good job lathering up, its light, and smells great. I like it enough to buy it on its own now and not just in a gift set.
Olay foaming body wash
Leave it up to Olay to combine both fragrance and lotion to a body wash! Leaves skin VERY soft and the strawberry scent lasts a long time.
Delicious smelling foam
I love this foam body wash in many scents. It’s one of my favorite fish washed and you don’t have to use a lot to wash your whole body but you can! And the smell stays on you long !
Love this body wash!
I love the Olay Whip Foaming Body Wash for a few different reasons. One, I love the texture-I love foaming washes. Two, it provides a thorough clean. And third, the strawberry and mint scent is perfection!
I've tried this product in a different scent. I fell in love the first time I used it. A little goes a long way with this product. You leave the shower feeling pampered. This leaves your skin so soft and moisturized.
I loved it
I loved it so much that I went back and bought two other scents I love Olay products but the whipped body wash is the best!
I love this product, it is easy to use. I love using it as a shaving cream for when I need to shave my legs. The scent is pleasant and makes my skin soft.
Olay whip body wash
This body wash is so foamy and the scent is awesome. It leaves the body feeling soft and the scent last well after your shower.
Longest bath ever
So while using Olay body wash you will never want to leave the shower!! It furst has an amazing smell that is just captivating. Once you start washing your whole body feels lije heaven!! You feel soft and smooth. I dont get that rough rubbing feeling while teying to wash when i use Olay!!! After i get out i dont have to apply lotion because im still soft and smooth and still smell so fresh and clean. Olay is a bit pricey for body wash. But to me its totally worth it.
Olay Whips
I love this kind of body wash because it's so light, because when I get out of the shower I'm smooth all over. No improvements. 5* rating for me
Body Bliss
I am pleasantly surprised with how well I like this product. I love how easy it goes on my skin and lathers well. Smells wonderful and leaves my skin lightly scented. I do recommend this product.
Very Moisturizing!
I have very dry skin and this worked wonders! I wasn't sure how clean it actually made me, though, so I used a regular body wash for certain areas! I will definitely continue to use.

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