Olay Foaming Whip White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash

4.8 5 0 181 181 Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash instantly lathers into thick and luxurious foam
Olay Foaming Whip White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash


Totally whipped goodness
This Olay Whip is a comforting, pillow-y, soft, luxurious, and sweet smelling way to enjoy a body wash! It smells simply divine and I love that it's in a pump format. It's so thick and it dispenses out like little clouds on my loofah. It engages your senses with every pump. The packaging is lovely & it tends to stand out due to its two tone color style. I must be honest that I don't buy it all the time as it is more expensive than my usual body wash. I do go back to it from time to time when I want to treat myself or when I can find it on sale. It's definitely worth trying - it doesn't disappoint.
Smells really good!
This Olay Foaming Whip White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash felt so luxurious on my skin and smelled even better! It foamed nicely and made my skin feel nice and soft! I highly reccomend you give this body eash a trt!
I received this as a gift. I enjoyed seeing The foam come out and feeling the foam on my skin. It has a great smell and leaves me feeling fresh and clean.
Love, love, LOVE!
I love this, it's so light & fluffy,& the smell - AMAZING! Leaves skin soft & supple - LOVE!
Just great !! My wife absolutely adores this body wash. It leaves her skin feeling great.
Love this
Olay is one of my favorite brands for body wash so when I seen this last month I had to try it!! I'm so glad I did! I love it smells great and leaves my skin feeling so soft! Olay did it again with their olay whipps!
Smells sooo good
I absolutely love the smell of this. I use this exact same body wash so I was so excited to try the foam. I wasn't disappointed. Works so good and just leaves my skin feeling extremely soft and clean.
This body wash was a game changer for me. I absolutely love the smell and the way my skin feels afterwards. I even used it instead of my shaving cream when it came to shaving my legs. I had to buy multiple bottles because once my daughter found it in our shower she couldn't stop using it either.
Olay whip
I love this body wash. It smells great and makes my skin baby soft
Love this product
I love that it’s in a can and it foams up. It makes my skin so smooth and the scent smells good.
Fun idea
This foaming bodywash is a fun idea. Like others have said, it's nice that it comes out all foamy. I just felt like there wasn't enough product in one bottle. It just didn't last as long as my liquid bodywash for example. Otherwise the scent is nice and it does have a slight cooling effect.
Love This Stuff!!!
I loved this whipped Bodywash in a can so much.. That I had actually bought for my daughter to use but I ended up just keeping it for myself... Sorry NOT Sorry LOL...
I totally loved this product. I don't like using a sponge all the time and this allows for that. It's thick and creamy, leaves your skin feeling soft. It has a lovely scent that actually stays with you.
Gentle and yummy!
I love the olay whip line of skincare. I was excited to try this and was happy to see my usual olay body wash scent was available. It is smooth and rinses clean leaving my skin soft and nourished with the same scent I love and have used from them.
I Love this stuff.
This stuff is amazing. I shake it a little bit and then spray some of the foam into my hand. You use it like you would use any body wash. It doesn't lather, but kind of rubs onto your skin. It smells amazing! It leaves a lasting delicious scent on your skin.

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