Olay Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Dual Side Body Cleanser

4.6 5 0 442 442 Olay DUO, the never before seen, two-sided cleana flexible, dual-sided body cleanser that exfoliates, cleanses, and smooths skin.
Olay Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Dual Side Body Cleanser


Smells so wonderful and makes my skin soft and smooth you will love it
These are handy to have for traveling. The scent is really nice as well. They do have others as well, I believe. They do take a while to dry out though, so I usually keep mine in a plastic bag when traveling. They aren’t the strongest material, but they are decent.
love olay!
love the smell! works great! never afraid to try any olay product - they are all wonderful
Love Olay product's
In my opinion all Olay products are great because they are reasonably priced and they work.
Olay Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Dual Side Body Cleanser
Olay Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Dual Side Body Cleanser I love ❤️ this body cleanser because you get a nice lather and smells so refreshing and I have to say #Dove products have changed for the better. Please sign up on #Dove website and join the community for free products campaign. I highly recommended this to my friends and family, and to my #HOMETESTERCLUB friends.
Fewer items in shower!
Tried this and love it. Even my hubby asked to use it. Don't need extra exfoliating item in my small shower space. Smells good.
This is such a smart idea. I love a luffa and body wash by I hate traveling with it because how do you really dry a luffa out if you use it the day of travel. The great thing about this is it's compact (can easily fit in a sandwich size ziplock) but lacks the punch of a full size luffa and your favorite Olay body wash.
I bought this for a 2-month trip, and it was the perfect amount of cleanser to have for this amount of time, even with showering nearly daily. There's a smooth side and an exfoliating side, which isn't too abrasive. It didn't irritate my skin, and the scent is really pleasant!
Good smells
This product has a very good scent. It has a scent that last for hours. I also had a lot of complement about this product. I actually would purchase this again.
It was pleasant
My mother in law bought this for me. I liked it at first. It doesn't lather well. I would only use the exfoliating side to remove dry/dead skin. So, I'd use it a few times a week.
NIce scent and works ok
I use other Olay products and this one is okay. I like the scent and the dual sided cleaning surface. It's a little hard to hold onto for those of us with arthritis. I'm thinking it would be easier if it was rectangular. It takes awhile to dry and is not for use in travelling (my opinion).
cleanser and wash
i bought this because of the scent and because it is olay and also it works as a dual cleanser which i just loved about the product and i would deintely recommand this product nice fresh scent
I bought mine at Walgreens on clearance and used a coupon so I got it pretty cheap and it was worth the full price when I do buy again I love it very convenient and soaped up really well left skin feeling good will buy more.
These are pretty awesome because they can be quick to use. My only complaint is that it is always in the back of my head that the wrap around the soap gets dirty and is never really clean after using. I mean who wants to wipe this on their butt and then wipe it around the other parts of their body. If you can get past that it is pretty good. It lasted me well past a month also. The scent is great also.
I really liked the smell and how it cleaned my skin, but to me it gets sort of gross hanging in the shower after a few uses. I think they should cost less and come in multiple throw away packs. Use a few days and toss.

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