Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Hydro Wash Steel Courage Hydrating Body Wash

4.7 5 0 162 162 Happens every time. The pressure's on. You're trying to remember if cutting the blue wire or the red wire will save the world, when inevitably someone stops you to tell you your skin's dry. Don't be that guy. Save the world without dry skin. Save it with Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Hydro Wash Steel Courage Hydrating Body Wash.
Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Hydro Wash Steel Courage Hydrating Body Wash


Body wash
I really like the smell and it makes my skin soft. The smell last a long time and the people that I am around says it smells great and it is a fresh clean smell.
old spice
love the smell, and will be buying this again.. makes you feel clean
great smell
this product, has a great long lasting scent. It lathers on great and rinses off easy. Its texture is great, this is my husbands new go to body wash.
not in love with this product? its not bad dont get me wrong i just wasnt feeling this product? HUSBAND LOVE IT ANY IMPROVEMENT I GUESS NONE MY HUSBAND LOVE IT THATS ALL THAT MATTERS
Hydrating to the max
It is an Old Spice product so you have to anticipate that aggressive sent. It feels like your mom’s 20$ Olay soap but at a real man price. Steel courage scent is good but so are all of the ones in the hydro wash line
Well I can start this review by staying at first discover Old Spice back when my grandpa used to use it to shave every purchase shaving cream on a brush I was so amazed by that I would watch him shave he taught me how to shave actually and then he would put the aftershave on which smelled amazing to me at that time and lasted so long. I lkve all old spice products. The old spice mens bkdy wash collection is great. I would recommend 100%.
Teenage boy
We have a 13 year old we are raising and he wanted something his younger cousins didn't use, so off I go to make the grandson happy.. day 1, he ask us all to "sniff" him, by day 15 he has a girlfriend. Not sure how I like that.
Stop the press!
So, I purchased this for my husband because it was something different. Let me tell you ladies... Run ... Dont walk.. you'll thank me later. Smell him right after the shower.You are welcome..lol
Great body wash
Old spice makes the best men’s body wash hands down. It smells great and lathers great and always feel very refreshed after shower. This is my favorite sent and it amazing. Love it!
My husband loves it
I just bought this for my husband because it smelled so good at walmart. When he uses it the fragrance goes though the whole house not mention how soft it makes his skin feel. This is going to be his regular body wash for now on
I am so happy with it. My wife can't wait till its time for a shower she cant keep her hands off me. I love it im smooth smelling so good and the fact my wife loves it so much cant keep her hamds off me
Verano y frescura
Me encanta com una caracteristicas y fragancia excelentes para el caballero
This Old Spice is the bomb
I bought this Old Spice for my fiance and I also purchased the green one as well and let me tell you that both are simply amazing and buy them both, but I would have to say that the both of us love the smell of the blue one the best and would highly recommend it to the ladies if they can't decide on one for their man.... These would definitely be it... Enjoy ladies and try keeping your hands to yourself after he gets out of the shower after using it.... Lol....
Great for ~my man~
The smell is a little strong - courageous if you will - but I still like the scent a lot on my partner. It's a good price for the value of the product and I'd recommend it (after smelling it to make sure you aren't overwhelmed by the scent.)
Smells Great!
I love the smell of this! My husband and son use this and the long lasting smell it leaves hours after they bathe is amazing. It is also very moisturizing. My husband has dry skin and this really helps with moisturizing his skin. Awesome stuff!

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