4.8 5 0 28 28 Old Spice Wild Collection Dragonblast Body Wash is now available. The product retails in a 21-fl. oz. pack, bearing a Data Matrix code.
Old Spice Wild Collection Dragonblast Body Wash
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Old spice drangblade
I bought this product for my husband and he had 2 issues without o e was it dried out his skin some . And the next o e was the smell which I kind of agreed with him it smells different after you use it than when you smell it in the bottle now I understand that the smell should change some with the person's p/h balance but not so much so that it completely changes the smell all together
Long lasting
My husband is a fan of this brand. Saw this and decided to give it a try. I love the smell but most importantly my husband loves it. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!
great product
very fragrant even after the shower was over. not too overwhelming. and it was a great price and i had a coupon. my husband loved it, and i loved it, great value. I would definitely recommend to friends.
Smells great
The scent is wonderful and long lasting. My husband is a welder so he gets real dirty, it worked great!
smells great
love the way it makes my man smell. it has a smell that has a energized feeling like i cant wait to hold him after showering.
My grandsons tried it!!!
I think it's a good product. It smells very good. My grandsons used it they r 10 and 12 and said we smell like men. Haha we will be using that again they said! Silly boys. My house smelled of this fragrance for hours after their shower. It's great n good price too
The guys in our house thought this was a great new scent! I didnt mind it either! I used it myself. I liked the way my skin felt pretty soft and moisturizing. I would recomend this product!
Old Spice
It feel and smell good leather really good and i like the design
This smells so nice. Bought this for my son. He likes it. His girlfriend likes it too..
Smells amazing
I love old spice. I don't like women's body wash and i tried this scent and it's amazing and long lasting. Doesn't cause any skin sensitivity either. It's amazing
Another great scent from Old Spice
Love the smell, Old Spice is stepping up their game and make products that any man can us. This is not your father or Grandpa's original Old Spice scent. Try it...I believe you will like it.
Smells nice
This is one of the better Old Spice men's body washes. My son really likes this.
Happy shower
My husband loves this new scent. It works up a nice lather and cleans his body great.
Great smell
My husband loves this product. The best part is the smell is great and it is not too strong. I have also used it as bubble bath. Great foam and nice smell.
Smells Good!!!
My husband like this product, he said, all people said, SMELLS GOOD!

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