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The only shampoo my son will use
My son is extremely picky when it comes to soaps, deodorants, colognes, etc. On a whim I grabbed him this particular scent while it was on sale. Needless to say, it was a hit! This is hands down one of the best smelling shower gels I’ve bought him he said. He likes that It has a clean and fresh masculine scent. It smells a little like cologne without being too overbearing. The fragrance last throughout the day and that’s a plus he loves about it. He highly recommends it!
This is the only body wash I use
I love the smell, I love the affordability, and it’s the only body/hair wash I use. Sometimes I change the scent but only if they’re out of this. Love it.
My husband has tried this body wash and he likes it alot.
My husband received this from our daughter for Christmas. It smells wonderful!
My husband loves all the old spice shampoos. He really likes that they have shampoo and conditioner together.
My man likes Old Spice, but one fragrance I bought smelled like pine trees! I am not sure if this one is it or not, but we have tried this fragrance. Swagger is the old faithful for him.
My boys love this!! They are 15
Would love to try this for the guys in my house. They use old spice but not for hair. Old spice smells good.
My husband loves the smell of this new Wolfthorn Old Spice!
This smells wonderful and my husband loves it.
my son just loves ithe says it it great, smells good too
My sons use this and they love the smell after their showers and I do too.
My son uses this and smells good after his showers.
I am currently using this product and have no complaints the smell is pleasant and I will use this product again.
My husband just bought

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