ON AIR Selfie Tripod Stick

4.6 5 0 8 8 No matter what platform you create content for, the On Air Selfie Tripod is the perfect solution for your broadcasting and selfie-snapping needs. A resilient and lightweight ABS design utilizes three flexible, rubber-lined legs that can be twisted in any and all directions while your smartphone rests safely holstered on top, the On Air Selfie Tripod is controlled by an included shutter remote that can be used up to 33 feet away. This versatile tripod is designed for online content creators, vloggers, and photographers looking to do their thing on the go or to capture that perfect shot - even in rough or hard to reach places. The On Air Selfie Tripod can also be utilized simply as a selfie stick and can be wrapped around objects to have a rock solid smartphone and/or camera setup whenever and wherever the mood moves you.
ON AIR Selfie Tripod Stick


Great stand!
I was looking for a phone/camera stand and I found this tripod. It is an amazing little tripod. You can bend it around stuff and you can sit it any way you want. I love it. It keeps my cell stable for pictures and it feels quality made.
Great little photo side kick
With the pandemic, I no longer feel comfortable asking a stranger to take a picture of me and my family. This little tripod has been the perfect solution to capture the memories my family has been making while maintaining social distance.
I use this tripod to make Supergreat videos and its really good only problem with it is that sometimes it stays slanted when the screw is in a certain position
I had tried this selfie stick. I love the way I can bend the legs and put on any even or uneven surface. I can even attach the stick on a tree branch or door handle etc. The phone holder is sturdier that other models I had seen in past. Will see how long it will last. But overall it is a great product to keep in your bag all the time.
Get that perfect shot
The legs are very easy to bend in whatever position you are looking for. The camera sits on the stand without a problem. You can easily set up the timer with this tripod and get your perfect picture.
ON AIR Selfie Tripod Stick. This is awesome the opportunities are endless
This is a very versatile selfie device. It can work as a tripod or 100 different things. It is great.
Upon first look, I would say that the tripod has great adjustable height because of the characteristics of the tripod itself. the legs can be wrapped around all kinds of surfaces to fit anyone's needs like camera work and live streaming.

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