4.7 5 0 64 64 The only complete multivitamin for men with natural antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and vegetables.
ONE A DAY® Men's with Nature's Medley Vitamins
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Economical and effective multivitamins!
One A Day is the perfect brand for best vitamins.I bought this for my husband and loved it.They have a great fruity taste.They cause no stomach upset of any other issues afterwards.
Great product
I buy this for my 17yr old son and he has had no complaints, he does very well with this product.
One a day are the best vitamins. Easy to take and give you the highest nutritional value.
bad taste
I got these for my boyfriend. He takes them but he hates the taste and the smell. But they are still good for all the vitamins they have in it.
Very good for my children like it a lot l recommend it
Not just for men!
I love these gummies, and they work great for all genders. They have a great fruity taste that is way more preferable than taking a pill multivitamin, in my opinion. Good ingredients and a low price make these vitamins a win for me!
For vitamins
They were tasty smell good and they work yes I would buy them again yes I would refer a friend to these vitamin the price point is great you can them and just about any store ye
Very nice All In One!
Bought this vitamin for my husband when it went on sale at CVS recently, BOGO with a GREAT coupon, making them almost free! We've never tried a Multi-vitamin before, but I bought a his & hers... Nice addition to our morning meds & vitamins we already take! Not sure if this is the chewable variety, but that is the type I bought for us...they were delicious without any of the vitaminey/mediciney taste that some vitamins have! This vitamin cause no stomach upset of any other issues afterwards either! I will definitely buy again when they go on sale!
Tried it
The taste is nice and it helps people that forget to take there vitamins !!
Great for Men who forget to take a pill
Ive been trying to get my 25yr old son to tske a vitamen especially in winter months. He always forgets to take it or he says the pill is too big and he can't swallow it . I went ahead and tried the chewable gummy's and he loved him. He never forgets to take it and I seem to be buying bottle after bottle.
Love these
I really love these chewable gummy vitamins over your standard pill-vitamins. These in my opinion taste pretty good, which helps me remember to take them everyday. I really would recommend these if you take vitamins daily
Hmm better
This product is my best vitamins and brand name is perfect for everything.I recommend to try the product
very good
very good how many opnions does this have I take a vitamin every day
These are amazing doesn’t taste like a vitamin at all it taste just like a fruit chew and it’s good for you
Yummy 😋😋
They were soft taste pretty good the price is reasonable.

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