onn. 3.0 128GB Flash Drive USB

4.5 5 0 44 44 Take it with you! Now you can keep your important files close to the vest, wherever you go with the onn. USB 3.0 Flash Drive. The 128 GB Flash Drive gives you trusted storage for your files in a convenient, portable package. Simply plug it into a standard USB-A port on your computer and store away. Keep onn. with the onn. USB 3.0 Flash Drive.
onn. 3.0 128GB Flash Drive USB


Fantastic storage!
I was able to put everything I needed to on this flash drive to be able to take it along with me anywhere I go. I still have lots of space left too!
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Great product
I really like it. You can Easily store stuff on it. It's really good quality
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ONN Flash Drive
The onn flash drive has everything you need in a flash drive, the ready boost is very fast. it really boosts the speed of your computer by 100% also the GB for this flash drive is more than enough
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Great usb for the price
Great flash drive. Super quick load and unload times.
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Not bad.
It works and is fast. That's all it needs. Thanks.
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onn 128gb usb flash drive
onn's 128 gb usb flash drive holds SO much ! I put mine on a long cotton cord to hang around my neck to carry documents, photos, ect for easy access. I can copy & update them from my computer & have them with me to access from my tablet, phone, or other computer throughout the day.
Storage on the go
This holds enough storage that you should be able to save and protect anything you need to and take it with you. Compatible with everything I've tried it with it.
Slow file transfer
Copying files from my pc to this usb stick was really slow. It would go up to 60MB/s to less than 350KB/s repeatedly going up and down and never at a constant speed. It would also stop copying files for about 15 seconds then continue slowly copying files. I have other usb 3.0 sticks so I know how fast the files are supposed to be transferring. I don't know if I got a falty usb drive but mine is just not good.
Excellent Product
I was very pleased with the amount of storage. Have over 5000 pics on my phone and used it to copy to my new Laptop. So easy to use n compact. Love that I can save all of my pics. Means a lot n no trouble. Such a great flash drive. Highly recommend this product.
Glash drive 128g
I really like the concept of flash drive. Although I did not agree with the price, nor would I have bought it, I did enjoy using it for my review run. This was definitely exciting. Flash drive 128g
Great flash drive. It has the capacity you need and it super convenient.
Fast upload
Not only does it have alot of space on here which I still haven't used it all. But, this product when uploading it is fast. That's what I like the most it uploads fast and your not just sitting there waiting
This product does not have the same write speed of a normal 3.0 usb. This one is so slow! I bought this one because it was cheaper. Save your money and buy one that is name brand! For context, I tested this against a samsung 128gb 3.0 which took 30s to transfer 1 gb of data where as this "product" took 1 hour. Not good!
Usb 2.0 flash drive
En mi opinion esta muy bien presentado, prático en tamaño, se puede transportar, mejora grandenente la capacidad de almacenamiento en mi pc.

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