onn. Liquid Screen Protector

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onn. Liquid Screen Protector


Onn liquid screen protector
Was very skeptical of this product but after trying cane to the conclusion it is a just as good if not better than the other screen protectors.
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onn.Liquid Screen Protector,a must have!
I was impressed with the onn. Liquid Screen Protector. It is easier to apply than I thought it would be. As long as you follow the directions, it will come out fine. It set and dried perfectly and creates a strong layer of protection over the entire screen. It is not as convenient as a tempered glass screen protectors but it doesn't leave air bubbles like the glass protectors and it covers the entire screen from edge to edge and tempered glass protectors always are just a bit too small. It doesn't take away from the clarity of the screen and it is easy to wipe off any smudges. I reccomend this to everyone.. Worth the extra steps it takes to apply. Preforms better than tempered glass screen protectors.
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Our protective layer screen cleaner
my husband used it on our phone and it made the screen very clear and very shiny and nice looking 👌
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Can Work, If Done Right i spose
It was messier than I expected, and not good for a phone or tablet and such, that already has a crack in it.
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great idea
After putting on need feel there would screen protector on my phone still got scared
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Not worth risking damaging my phone.
I definitely would not consider putting liquid on my screen and risking damaging it.
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Nice material
Material is sturdy and thick. Does what it says. Easy to apply and comes with all instructions.
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It’s ok
Good protected but I feel safer buying a real screen protector
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Is the $50 Guarantee Enough?
I will always appreciate extra protection and security of my phone screen because a smashed, cracked, or shattered phone screen can ruin the day. Three stars are awarded to the company's $50 product guarantee once you register your purchase. That guarantee gives me hope that this product is doing its job. I do not see or feel any difference on my screen. I could take a hammer to it, but the $50 would leave me a little short if I had to replace the screen. I want to believe all people are good & most companies are honest. If they say it works, well ok. 3 stars = ok.
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Liquid Screen Protector
I used the liquid screen protector and was happy with product . I would recommend the liquid screen protector to my fsmily and freinds. My fellow employers at work would also enjoy the liquid screen protector especaily when tell them about the liquid screen protector. I put water on the liquid screen protector and the water just ran off my phone , I loved to see that happen I wasant expecting that but was glad it did.
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I absolutely loved it. It's different, different to apply, it's unique.
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Great product
I was leery at first to try it but turned out amazing. I'm really impressed.
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Its just ok, wasn't the easiest to apply to be honest.
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Easy to Install
Love that it was easy to apply and that I know that my phone screen is being protected.
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Highly efficient
When I got it the box that it can in is beautiful I like the design. I thinks it’s a little messy for me but,it works wonderfully. I really like your product.
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