4.6 5 0 82 82 For all hair types. Controls frizz for silky, smooth hair. Strengthens and helps prevent breakage.
Optimum Salon Haircare AMLA Legend Silky Blow-Out Masque
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I've heard this product is the best I would definitely like to try it.
I have been looking for different hair products to treat my hair with for it is constantly falling out I would love to try this product to see if it may be something would work for me even with it my hair being so thick and frizzy 24/7
I would love to try this because I have very frizzy damaged hair My hair has thinned out because of my pcos.
I would love to try this. Nothing I try ever takes away the frizz.
I'm having problems with my hair. No matter what shampoo or conditioner I use, my hair is very dry, frizzy, very unmanageable. I hope you consider me Home Tester Club to test Amla Legend Hair Treatment Mask. My hair is in need of a treatmeant exactly like this one. Please consider me.
Looks great I would love to try it I have really dry skin due to my dibetes
Oh, I can't believe Home Tester Club has Amla Legend Hair Treatment Mask! I hear this treatmeant really works! A few of my friends have gotton to test it with another website. I'm having bad hair problems, since 3 years ago. It's real dry, unmanageable, coarse like, rough, and my hair fall out easy! I'm in desperate mode! I've tried a few other treatments with no luck. I hope Home Tester Club gives me an opportunity to test it! Believe me, I'm a good "guinea pig" for this hair treatment! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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