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Oral-B Glide floss
I was so impressed with Oral-B Glide floss because it really did get in between my tightly spaced teeth. I've always had issues with floss and getting it between my teeth. It always frays, or just doesn't fit at all. This Oral-B Glide floss fit right between my teeth and cleaned every space. I liked the fresh mint flavor too. I will buying this floss from now on!
Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss
Got a sample of this at my last cleaning and have been a fan ever since!
Best Floss EVER!
This floss is the absolute best on the market. My kids both have a hard time getting floss between their teeth. Even the dental assistant has a hard time flossing them. Most floss isn't even worth attempting. Glide Pr-Health floss has worked so well for them. Both kids had gum problems from not being able to floss between certain teeth (especially their molars). In the last 6 months their gum disease has cleared up remarkably. The dentist says that it would not have cleared up without flossing regularly. We tried EVERY floss we could find at the stores in our town. I literally bought one of each kind to find one that would work. NOTHING got between all of their teeth except this floss. Buy this if you have trouble flossing between your teeth. It is a litlte more expensive, but it works. It is also a LOT cheaper than treatment for gum disease and disintegrating teeth.
Se desliza fácilmente y suavemente entre los dientes. Es excelente. Lo recomiendo.
My dentist recommended this to me and its great. would recommend.
Oral be wonderful glide floss your teeth very strong to use
I like this product because it is easy to get between your teeth to clean. It leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed
This is a staple in our home. I definitely recommend it.
Love this floss because it leaves my breath fresh, slides very easily.
By far the best brand of floss out there! Doesn't snag on tight teeth like the rest do. Really good quality
The Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinican Protection Floss is asy to use teeth floss and really effective. I like the way it cleans between my gums and teeth. Great after use minty taste.
It's floss, it cleans between your teeth. What more can be said? Okay, okay it also has a fresh minty flavor though it could be a little stronger that's not the point of floss after all. In addition, it's actually one of the most effective shapes of any floss I've tried to date, truly catching surface areas that other flosses have missed. The only issues I have had includes occasional breakage (once out of every 10-15 uses) and the fact that the floss tends to fray on the metal piece that is designed to break it off from the floss canister, but those are almost non-issues to me.
This floss is by far the best floss I've ever used. It's beyond comfortable, and makes flossing enjoyable. There is one problem I've noticed however, the first four or five times I purchased it, it was wonderful, but the last two, the floss breaks from one strand into multiple. This causes you to have to open the dispenser and pull it until it's one strand again, realign it, and close it back up. Of course you have to dispose of the length that's broken. This is really annoying, and I was hoping it was just a bad batch that my local grocery store received, but seeing the other reviews, I guess it's not.
I have been using ORAL-B'S GLIDE PRO-HEALTH CLINICAL PROTECTION FLOSS for quite some due to fast plaque build-up from dry mouth . It is a wider floss but gentler also at the same time . Easily glides between your teeth while removing all the yucky stuff your brushing leaves behind. It is a little pricey around $5-6.00 but your teeth are definitely worth that much and more😁
this floss works perfectly between tight teeth like i have. it glides effortlessly between and even works between my crown. love this product.

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