OREO Thins Chocolate Sandwich Cookies RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips & Wheat Thins Crackers Variety Pack 48 Snack Packs

4.6 5 0 34 34 Pantry Essentials. Put a sweet or savory twist on lunches, party favors, goodie jars, gift bags, care packages, and more with these pantry staples. Convenient and quick, they’re perfect for the office, classroom, car, dorm, or wherever you want to enjoy a treat! Add this bulk package of assorted Nabisco snack packs to your cart for easy bites and snacks.
OREO Thins Chocolate Sandwich Cookies RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips & Wheat Thins Crackers Variety Pack 48 Snack Packs


Thin thin
The mini snack were awesome, we enjoyed the portions controlled sizes and overall they were a good snack for the kids.
Snack on!
My family absolutely loved trialing this generous 48 variety snack pack! We knew we loved wheat thins, Oreos, and Ritz. We didn’t know we’d go bonkers over snack sized Oreo thins, which was a whole knew experience in Oreos. Ritz handy snack size pouches with a cheddar flavor has beat out the kids usual request for those other snacks that rhymes with sneeze-it. Last and certainly not least are the trusty wheat thins that are healthy and can be eaten by themselves or as a shovel for any type of topping or dip, and my kids are quite creative. I’m very pleased as a parent and main food shopper that I can purchase a hefty amount of snacks for the whole family from brand names my family knows and loves all in one box. I highly recommend this variety pack to keep snacks in the pantry and switch up your kids lunch options. I will definitely buy again and again, as my kids are great about making additions to the shopping lists and this has already been added. Thanks HTC!
Good variety
This variety pack of cookies and crackers has a very good mix. My only complaint is there were only 6 packs of oreos and 14 packs of wheat things, the rest were cheddar chips which I found not that great.
Great Snack
Well I can say I have a new favorite Oreo now. These Oreo Thins are amazing! They are the best. Not sure why being so thin makes them taste so good but they do! Now for the Ritz Cheddar Cheese Crispers I didn’t like them all that much. They had a bit to much cheddar for me but my husband and grandkids loved them and we all love the Wheat Thins but nothing was different about them. Overall great snacks
Yummy goodness
The Oreo Thins are the perfect amount of cookie to filling. They are not to sweet, just the right amount. The Ritz cheese crispers are very good, but might be a lot better with just a little less of the cheese. It was to cheesy flavor in my opinion. And now the Wheat thins, what can I say about them. They are perfect.
Salty and sweet
My kids favorite snack is Oreos, so when we opened the package that was the first thing they went to. The wheat thins were great. Being pregnant, I can’t decide whether I want something salty or sweet so it was great to have both. I was not a fan of the cheddar crisps, but my kids and boyfriend liked them a lot.
Something for everyone!
Amazing variety pack!There is something for everyone!Great for on the go,snacks for work/school and vacation.My family and I enjoyed these.I recommend them.
Super convenient
Super convenient and great to take on the go. You could choose a savory snack; Wheat Thins, sweet snack; Oreo Thins or a cheesy snack with the Ritz Crispers. So a snack for everyone. I would have liked to see the exact packaging this would come in since all the snacks were shipped in just a regular brown box.
Great taste
My kids loved the OREO Thins Chocolate Sandwich Cookies RITZ Cheese Crispers Cheddar Chips & Wheat Thins Crackers Variety Pack. It tastes great and crispy and serves as a perfect snack for indoor as well as outdoors. Besides, due to the snack size the kids can hold it themselves and eat them
My snacks box review
Convenient,easily accessible light weight great for a child lunch box or just for a snack. Adults will loves these as well
Perfect for my little ones!
These are the perfect little snack for families! They are quick and easy to grab for lunches, school trips and extra curricular activities! They are all soooo yummy and the kids loved having them. They made me go out and buy more!
Kid take the snacks to school they like to share with other kids
Love the size and taste. Will purchase again. Great for traveling and fits in your pocket or purse.
Variety Box of Snacks
Me and my daughter love this variety mix box. I like the oreo thins and she loves the cheese crackers but either way everything get's eaten. It's perfect for a quick snack.
I absolutely love this product and snacks very delicious and my husband sit back and watch movies and eating snacks all day if we could

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