5 5 0 3 3 Organic Farm Buddies Rattles by Apple Park. Organic Farm Buddies plush teething rattles are handmade with allnatural products. Organic Farm Buddies adorable toys feature hand stitched facial features, and rattle in the head. Perfect size for babies for baby to hold and cuddle. Organic Farm Buddies toys delight baby for hours; even while being drooled upon. Organic Farm Buddies are naturally hypoallergenic, so they are great for newborns and babies with allergies or sensitive skin. Safe for children, better for the environment, and always beautifully green...
Organic Farm Buddies Rattle Margeaux Moose
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I love this product
I love this product for my nine month old girl. I love playing
Organic Farms Moose Buddies
My two little girls love the moose buddies and they call them Bullwinkle one and two and I love that it is made of only organic materials making it very safe for my kids to play with
I got this for my friends baby. They loved it so much they bought several of them.
Nice product. Would like to try this and see how it works!
It’s so cute and adorable.My granddaughter will love it if I get a chance to try this.
Soo cute My grandbaby would love this. It’s so adorable

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