4.3 5 0 5 5 Pacifica Natural Minerals Highest Def Hemp Fiber Brow Set is said to deliver high volume and high hold. Suitable for vegans, this cruelty-free product features hemp fibers, hemp oil, and a vegan brush to help achieve thick volume and extra hold with ease. The long wearing and nourishing formula is also claimed to add fullness, shape and intensity. It is formulated without cruelty, talc, parabens, phthalates or mineral oil, and retails in a 0.16-fl. oz. FSC-certified pack in shades: 0 Clear; Light; and Medium.
Pacifica Natural Minerals Highest Def Hemp Fiber Brow Set
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Light and does the job
Great product. It feels really light which is a change from other eyebrow gels I’ve tried before. Other ones feel like the glue my eyebrows down on my skin. This gel helped them lay nicely without feeling heavy.
Love this
Love this brand and hope they come out with more cosmetics! This keeps my brows in check and i love the color. also interesting that its infused with hemp, always a good thing ;)
first time
i got this product in a box set from influenster. its the first time ive ever used a fiber brow set but i do like it. after i shape and fill in my eyebrows i use it and it keeps things in place all day!
Tried it
I got this instead of Revlon bc the store was sold out. Only used it once but I like it
I would love to try this, I struggle finding something that darkens my brows

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