Palmolive Ultra Liquid Dish Soap Hand Soap Antibacterial Orange

4.5 5 0 502 502 Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial dish liquid is approved to -- 99% of bacteria* on dishes, allowing you to wash away more than just baked on grease and giving you peace of mind that your dishes are as clean as can be.
Palmolive Ultra Liquid Dish Soap Hand Soap Antibacterial Orange


Seems very watery to me and doesn’t seem to work well. I like the thicker dish soap (dawn) so much better!!!
Only green
I love the Palmolive brand dishwashing liquid. I tried the orange but still always go back to the green original. Just used to the original smell and is my favorite
Extra clean
Palmolive has been a trusted brand in my family since I was a child. I'm happy that they are still a great brand and reasonably priced as well. I enjoy knowing that my dishes as extra Clean with this anti bacterial soap. It has a pleasant smell as well.
Great product!
Palmolive is a very sweet smelling good soap.its easy on my hands and doesn't dry them out like some do.
My favorite
This is my favorite brand of dish soap. I’m constantly washing dishes. I rather wash them than use the dishwasher this soap is great and it doesn’t really dry my hands out too bad
Good to use
I found that the Palmolive ultra liquid dish soap is great to have. It gets really foamy/soapy and helps to clean my dishes while also getting rid of the grease. I would recommend to those who want a product that works great.
skin soft
i love the way it smells. my hands are soft after doing dishes are very clean after use. before do my finger nails i soak my hands in a bowl of palmolive and water softens the cuticle.
Only one for me!
I tried all types of dish soap,but Palmolive is the only one that was reasonable in cost and value. The fact that it's antibacterial is a plus. It's long, lasting suds is worth the price.
Best of both worlds
Absolutely love this soap. It gets my dishes clean and has the best smell! It stays nice and lathered as well unlike some soaps. I love the price for the size too! You can’t ever go wrong with a really good product for cheap! Also works as a hand soap so it’s two in one!
Leaves ur hands feeling fresh and clean. Good product
My go to
I always use this dish soap...for some reason some of the other brands are a little bit too harsh for me or they just dont work as well as this brand at taking off all the dirt and grime off of all my dishes and pain.
Love me some Palmolive one of the few brand still making good products
Love Palmolive
The scent smells so good. Cuts grease better than other brands. Makes washing dishes so much easier
Palmolive antibacterial review
A great all-around dish soap with added antibacterial for your hands. Nice smell and soft on the hands but still hard on dishes. Pump handle would be a nice upgrade for any bottle
5 star dish soap
This I Palmolive dish soap is great just like the green Palmolive dish soap. Works great, and cuts through grease!

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