Pampers Sensitive Wipes (168 count)

4.8 5 0 684 684 Thick and gentle for a soothing clean. 20% thicker for a soft and comfortable clean vs. Pampers Complete Clean. Thick and gentle for a soothing clean.
Pampers Sensitive Wipes (168 count)


The absolute best wipes ...
I absolutely love using these wipes! They are perfect for all skin types. They are fragrance- and dye-free, which is prefect for the sensitive skin of babies. These also work perfect for all ages to gently clean the buttocks after using the bathroom. I've also heard these work perfect as makeup removers (but I have yet to test this theory!). & You can't go wrong with these as a party or shower gift. I would recommend these to any and every one, they are just that good!
One of my favorite wipes
Love, love, love these wipes! They are a go to for my toddler and infant as well as my husband and myself. Personally I like the level of wetness and the durability of these wipes compared to other popular brands and even other pampers. These do not have the little bumps/grips, but I’ve found they don’t need them!
Favorite Wipes
These are my favorite wipes to use. I used them majority of the same when my son was a baby and still use them now. They are not strong in scent and did not break my son out when he was a baby. They clean well and don't fall apart. He uses them now when he wipes and they work well for him now too. I myself sometimes use them and have never had an issue with them.
Use these for everything
Started using these wipes when my son was a baby and have been using them several years later for any and everything. Having sensitive skin, I use these for myself at times.
Favorite wipes
I love this wipes, I use them for just about everything. I have sensitive skin and sense of smell, so these being fragrance free I avoid rashes and headaches!
Pampers sensitive wipes
Excellent baby wipes for sensitive skin. Thick wipes at an affordable price.
Pamper wipes
They are the best I've found for my daughter and will continue buying them for her.
Better !!
Overall after using these wipes on my son , I could say they are absolutely better than other brands I've tried. The fact that they are sent free is a must for me. They're definitely thicker and clean amazingly. They don't have the extra liquid on the bottom of the package like some other brands do. Love them!
Baby Wipes / Makeup Remover
I started using these wipes when I had my son, and I have been buying them for the last 6 years! Not only are they great as Baby wipes, I use them as makeup removing wipes for hard to remove mascara. My skin is sensitive and I break out with oily makeup remover and wipes. These don’t burn your eyes at all, and won’t make you break out
Love it
Love all of Pampers products but their wipes are the only ones my son can use without breaking out. I'm so thankful for this product, 10/10 definitely recommend.
Gentle yet effective!
I tried several wipes on my son when he was a baby- some weren't wet enough others weren't gentle enough & made him have reactions. These wipes are everything! I still use them 12.5yrs later on my face even!!! And we keep them on the back of the toilet in case anyone needs a little extra clean or refresh after using the restroom. These work really well overall for different purposes...From a babies face/hands/bottom, to adults face/hands/bottom & even for those with extra sensitive skin/allergies. Highly recommend trying them!!
Just okay!
These wipes have no “grip”. Also, so many come out when you try and pull one.
My go to wipes
These wipes are very moist and can be used for multiple purposes. I like that they have enough wetness to fully clean my babies bottom after a heavy diaper. The packaging could improve so that there is only one wipe dispensed at a time as the current lid doesn’t work that well in doing so
Good wipe
I have a new born. And these wipes have been what I’ve used so for! Honestly these are great. The only downfall which it seems are for most wipes is they take a minute to get any poo that may get stuck to your baby. So sometimes you’ve got to work for it , but it eventually gets the job done.
Worth every penny!
While some may want to save every last dollar possible they would be missing out on the perfect wipes. Never tear, very soft and natural feel and never rough on the little ones. Each box comes with plenty of wipes that are kept in separate packages that can either be refill packs or pop-tops depending on if you use wipe storage containers or not. Overall, a great wipe!

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