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Pantene Pro-V AirSpray Alcohol Free Hair Spray Extra Strong Hold
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Works good with my hair soft n manageable no tangles no over spray shining my hair is I love it
This is the perfect hairspray from Pantene Pro-V. It has the perfect amount of hold and doesn't have that sticky feel.
I just recently started using this product because it is Alcohol free its light and doesnt clog up. my hair does not feel like a stiff board after i use it..
I don’t use hairspray all that often, so I don’t find myself needing to buy s new can very often. My hair is very long and insanely thick, it’s already heavy as it is and I’m not looking for something else to weigh it down. End this hairspray does not. I was hesitant to try a different brand but I wanted to try it. I’m glad I did now because it’s really good. It gets the job done, with staying power and doesn’t weigh the hair down. Has a nice scent and easily washes out.
Love this hairspray, smells great, no tacky hold and its brushable
I adore this product, not surprised though. Pantene all ways puts out quality products. The fact that it's alcohol free is what draws me to it. Alcohol has a drying effect that makes my fine hair brittle and break. Thanks for a great product Pantene..
Pantene usually performs way better than counterparts again.
I have to agree with all the positive reviews for this product. Not only does it smell nice but actually works.
Love that it is alcohol free making it less harsh on your hair and leaves no after effects and easy to apply
I have eczema, and this product works wonders. I have used this on my wedding day last year and it help place all night, even through sweaty dancing all night. Great product. I love this!!
I was skeptical to try this, not a big hair spray person to begin with but I gave it a try and used it on my daughter and it lasted ALL day and she moves A LOT.
Pantene Pro-V Alcohol Free Hair Spray Extra Strong Hold was a welcome surprise! No tacky feeling and holds my hair style in place.
I haved tried this spray and works wonders. My mom recommended to me. Leaves my hair doesnot dry out my hair at all.
This is an awesome hair spray. 1st off alcohol free so it wont dry out your hair. And its a good strong hold that can be brushed out without damaging your hair. I've used it on curls to keep there bounce and on frizzy fly aways and it always kept everything the way I like it all day long
I like this product because it held my hair in place even after I combed it but never felt sticky even in the summertime high humidity. I have very frizzy hair which usually gets worse with hairspray but using this spray my frizzles were actually tamed.

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