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Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner
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Love it!
I have been using pantene for years. I was actually told by hair stylist that it is good for your hair and affordable.
Yes I’ve tried them all almost every shampoo and conditioner that’s on the market and Pantene is my go to brand ...it keeps my hair healthy ,manageable and it grows every time I’m using Pantene ....
Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal
I love this ❤️ shampoo+ conditioner. I like the scent and my hair looks and feels so soft. It looks well hydrated. Don't have to worry about dry frizzy hair. I highly recommend you use this. #HomeTesterClub
Works for straight hair
My hair is naturally straight. I've been using this product for years. Since I was a kid, now I am almost 30. It works fine for me. I like using this 2 in 1, plus add conditioner. I do this because my hair is chemically lightened to blonde. If I don't use enough conditioner my hair looses its soft texture. This is a great product for people on a budget. I buy it when I am on a shampoo budget. I have multiple shampoos I use on different days. This works for me sometimes, but for lightened hair, it shouldn't be your number one shampoo.
Pantene go to
I usually dont buy 2 in 1 because my hair is so Long and thick but this wasnt to bad I had a few tangles but all in all it left it pretty smooth and clean
Not impressed
I have curly hair and I need good conditioning when I use a 2n1 product. I have a very hard time running a brush through my hair after using this 2n1 product. It just doesn't work for my hair type.
Great for travel!
Quality shampoo and conditioner in one bottle! No need to pack two bottles for your travels.
Love This!!
I absolutely love this conditioner!! It works great on my heavily damaged hair. It leaves my hair very soft and smelling good!!
great product
i have recently started using this brand of shampoo and conditioner and just bought the 2 in 1 last week. i am biracial and not many shampoos and conditioners work on my hair. i was very surprised at how well this product completely replenished my hair , it has so much moisture and above all so much volume. five stars all the way around.
Leaves hair clean and soft smells great as long lasting scenes
Being a naturally coily, this product is really nice and leaves my hair moisturized and manageable
I have used this product a few different times in hopes that maybe it was just mere bad luck for the first time but after trying 2 more times, I can say that im not pleased with this... My hair is severely dry and damaged and Pantene is a good brand name that has worked to help my locks become silky again but this, does not. In the beginning of the hair washing process. It's good. Smells very nice, nice texture and makes it feel soft after distributing the product into my hair but after rinsing it's a hot mess. Tangled and as if it didn't do any nourishment to my hair at all. Honestly, all products that are a 2 and one. Shampoo & Conditioner just turn out disappointing for me. Perhaps it's my hair but I will not be purchasing again for me personally. It may work for others though!!
Pantene Pro V Daily Moisture
I've used this shampoo on and off for years. This is a tried and true product. It leaves my hair soft, shiny, and full of life. I suggest this to anyone that has dry hair and needs moisture replenished.
smells good but...
it smells good and its a "reliable" brand but honestly it makes my hair so greasy and i dont know why! ive tried to use less and all but it doesnt get any better... idk?
Not as good as I thought it would be. Seemed to clean my hair but the conditioner did not seem to work for my hair. It would be better if conditioner didn't wash out. I would not recommend if you have really dry hair and need a good moisturizer for it.

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