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Pantene is always
When you dont have extra time use this 2 and 1...I absolutely love the latgering cleaning smoothy way it does my hair
Could be better
Product didn't work well with my natural curly hair.
Love this shampoo my husband does too, only one we use
Silky and Smooth
In our household we have frizzy hair because it's so humid here in the south. This is the only shampoo that keeps our hair silky and smooth all day. I recommend buying a big bottle with a pump to ensure you have plenty of product as well as having it easily dispensable. This is a must buy!
PANTENE Daily Moisture Renewal
I have experienced a slice of heaven ! The shampoo does not cause your hair to feel oily . It helps if your hair has damage from curling irons, flat irons, blow drying, or dying your hair . My hair looked dull, dry and thin until I started to use this shampoo . It has now after using this product as frequently as I can look shiny , a bit fuller looking , and it doesn't weigh my hair down leaving it to look oily . Even using it every day if necessary . The scent is soft and lasts for several hours . It makes me want to constantly run my fingers through my hair after using it . It hasn't caused any dryness to my hair either because it is a daily use shampoo . I also appreciate the quality of the shampoo . You only need depending upon the length and thickness of your hair the most the size of a quarter in the palm of your hand . I wash mine twice taking out any sand, dust, or sweat completely . It also helps keep the roots of my hair stay stronger and not fall out as much .
Pleasantly Surprised
This shampoo and conditioner in one was great, I enjoyed only having to use one product. It had a creamy and lite texture with a refreshing fragrance. It left my hair looking healthy, shiny, bouncy and rejuvenated.
Love love love Pantene
I use Pantene regularly but hadn't tried the 2 in 1 before and actually got it by mistake as the bottle looks exactly like the normal shampoo and conditioner I normally get. I have very long, thick hair and to be honest it worked rather well and I only had to use one product instead of two. Hair feels and smells great as usual.
Great for daily use.
This has been my go to daily shampoo for the past few years. I prefer a 2 in 1 shampoo because it saves me time and my hair can tolerate it. It leaves my hair soft, shiny, weightless and smelling fresh. I love it.
Shine shine shine
I love the way it makes my hair shine and smells great. And isnt pricey either
Love it
I still have to use conditioner even with the 2 in 1 shampoo but my hair is soft, not tangled, and smells awesome
Somewhat Disappointed
I have always been pleased with the Pantene product but this 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner was different. I found that my hair was very difficult to come thru, as if I hadn't actually used conditioner. I ended up having to use this product as a shampoo and then I had to use a separate conditioner in order to get my hair combed out while trying to avoid hair loss as much as possible because my hair tends to fall out after a few times of having to brush it with any type of force.
great product
I have used Pantene for several years. I have tried many other brands,but this is the best to me. I'm a guy with long hair, I've had long hair 90% of my life. Pantene cleans & keeps my hair clean & the ends of my hair moisturised from having dead ends. I highly recommend this product.
Love It!!!!
I have use Pantene products for years, approximately eight or nine years. I have always been happy with Pantene but as with any shampoo you want full satisfaction out of a shampoo and conditioner. With that being said, I was a little weary not necessarily to try the Pantene 2 in 1 but to have the satisfaction obtaining really nice shiny hair by having the shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. I was absolutely happy how my hair turned out. I have a lot of natural curl but sometimes that natural curl turns into a natural frizz bomb. So when I tried the Pantene 2 in 1... it took care of the problem. My hair felt great. It was shiny and there was no frizz present. So I would absolutely give this product a big thumbs up👍👍👍👍
Silk smooth hair
I’ve been using Pantene products for the past six months after trying others. It leaves my hair silky smooth without heavy residue on my scalp. It smells great and is so easy to comb through after washing.
Gorgeous hair
My hair was becoming dry and brittle so I decided to give this a try and in just one use I could see a 75% improvement in my hair overall. I absolutely live it.

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