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Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner
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Years of Decline
This product, as well as all other Pantene products I have used over the past 20+ years have declined in quality. I used to love Pantene, but around the start of the last decade something changed. I used to love the softness and shine of my hair, but now I notice that is no longer happening when I use Pantene. My hair is now drier, more brittle, fizzy, and coarse. I no longer use any of the Pantene products but would return if it returned in quality.
Love Pantene. Leaves hair soft and smells amazing. Little or no trouble with tangles after use. Highly recommend!
MMA are very soft very manageable but didn't seem to help with frizz much.
Not the best
I don't feel like this Pantene product thoroughly cleans my hair. It always feels greasy after use. I don't recommend at all.
Works and Smells Amazing!
I regularly use the separate shampoo and conditioner of this line and I can't complain. I'm reviewing this specific product because I don't care for 2 in 1 products. I think those who were disappointed in this product would better like the results from using the shampoo and conditioner separately. I have a lot of fine hair that gets frizzy at the slightest bit of humidity in the air. This shampoo really helps with that and if it's especially humid, then I add the conditioner to my morning routine. Now, it's not a foolproof plan to combat Texas humidity, but it does help a lot.
Paintings of good product that isn't extra nearly expensive
So I do buy this product I don't have exactly the one that I'm reviewing but I thought it was still appropriate because these are two different two-in-one shampoo and conditioner is Pantene brand so it's the same category and the same line. For middle of the road relatively cost effective hair care product Pantene is pretty good. I typically do not like the tune ones because I have thick thick curly hair and very long and I like to do a separate shampooing and a very intensive conditioning but when I am short on time I have used the product and it doesn't work bad at all. And I do use it for my children boys and girls
Loving it
I have bought the Pantene Shampoo with Conditioner a few months ago and was shocked at how well it kept my hair feeling fresh and clean . The smell is just amazing and would love to see other more Pantene items out.
Moisture? Not so much.
For moisture renewal this isn't cutting it. I used it thinking Pantene is a good brand it should work. I had some dryness due to just coloring my hair. This did not help. I could barely comb through it. It having conditioner in it I expected atleast that. As far as any extra moisture in my hair after using it I did not see it. It did have a wonderful smell though.
Soft hair
I love Pantene products in general. This moisturizing shampoo helps relieve dull dry frizzy hair. Gives a smooth soft texture. It also has a nice clean smell. I give this shampoo 2 thumbs up. Will buy again
I have used this product several, several times. I would switch brands but eventually find myself going back to it. It makes my head feel very clean and my hair very soft. I would recommend this.
Pantene moisture shampoo
I love this shampoo I have very course hair and it really smooths my hair I get compliments on how good my hair smells I just love it , I also like the built in conditioner It is just great
Hair Care
My main choice in hair care cleaning products. Its one of my go to first grabs.
Quality product ar affordable price
I love this shampoo. I get a thick, rich lather that leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. There is no greasy residue and my hair does not feel weighted down. Just a healthy shine with a light scent.
I don’t recommend
Pantene is EXTREMELY terrible for your hair. It leaves a residue, dryness, and brittles your hair. The smell is great but besides that! I wouldn’t recommend.
Silky soft hair
We love Pantene in my house and recently picked this up to add some moisture back into our hair since it’s fall and our hair tends to be a bit more dry this ™ time of year. This is great and is only one step instead of two getting the result of nice silky hair resolving dryness.

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