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Pantene pro-V shampoo & conditioner
Pantene pro-V daily moisture renewal is amazing. My family has extremely thick hair, my daughter and I have extremely long hair and my son and I have scalp psoriasis. Alot of shampoos and conditioners makes or psoriasis flare up and irritates it, but pantene is one of the only that doesn't. Pantene I very affordable, it smells great ( even the next day your hair smells amazing, it really deeps cleans your hair and scalp, but doesn't leave your hair with that thick greasy feeling like you didn't get it all out. It makes your hair feel so soft and you don't need much for a deep cleaning.
I tried this a couple months ago. I usually don't buy 2 in 1's because it leaves my hair dry. But this one surprised me. It did a great job. Hair was soft, shiny and frizz free to my surprise.
This left my hair smelling fresh and clean and didn't leave a build up loved the way my hair felt.
It leaves my hair feeling fuller and like it has more volume
I have not found a shampoo that leaves my hair clean, soft, shiny and I love how my hair smells. I get many complaints on my hair when i use this shampoo!
Clean but dry
I'm a big fan of Pantene products. I use this and other 2 in 1s for mostly my daughter but occasionally myself as well. The scents are always nice and it leaves our fair feeling very clean. The only problem is that it doesn't condition enough so we have to use a leave in conditioner afterwards.
DreamCare Product
Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner was great but I do prefer my conditioner separate.
Great for kids!
Smells great and works great on my 6 year olds hair! I tried it on mine, but unfortunately it didn’t work as well :(
Love this Conditioner...
After shampooing I leave in the conditioner the duration of my shower. After rinsing and towel drying my hair is so soft. When dry, I air dry it's so bouncy. I love it.
Not greasy
I use this as my regular shampoo. My hair tends to be dry at times, but after using this for the last few months, my hair is healthy and smooth. There isn't a strong scent to it, so I don't feel like i'm tasting my hair product. Huge plus for me!
Good for 2 in 1
Its a good product if you like shampoo and conditioner but for me it was not so good because my hair wasnt soft after i used it i didnt feel the conditioner action so i dont know if its not for everybody or if i used it in the wring way
As always Pantene did it! My hair has never looked so amazing and smells as good as it works
This is a great "2 in 1" product. You can never go wrong with Pantene.
I love this Pantene shampoo and conditioner. It smells really good and leaves my hair shiny and soft.
I absolutely love the way this shampoo and condition smells! Not only does it smell great, but also leaves my hair feeling really soft! I also noticed that it gave my lifeless hair some volume! That was probably what was most surprising to me. The price is affordable and will last you a long time. I would recommend this product!

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