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Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner
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Gorgeous hair
My hair was becoming dry and brittle so I decided to give this a try and in just one use I could see a 75% improvement in my hair overall. I absolutely live it.
great shampoo
really enjoyed and like this smells amazing absolutely love.
Very good
I really recommend this shampoo, I have used so many before this brand, and I think this one is the best. Now my hair is more manageable.
Good, but leaves residue on my hair
I love all Pantene conditioners I've used, but their shampoo or this one with both, tend to leave me with itchy, residue on my scalp and in my hair the next day. This one works well, it moisturizes and cleanses my hair well. It makes my hair softer and more manageable. MyI only issue us the white, itchy residue I sometimes get the next day after I use their shampoo.
Renew My Hair
This is an awesome shampoo. Makes my hair feel great , smell great and detangles my long hair . You want great hair at a good price , here's your chance .
Leaves my hair silky soft!
I'm a big fan of Pantene hair products. Normally I purchase my shampoo and conditioner separately, but I thought I would give the combined product a try. I was happy I did because I got fabulous results and it was such a big time saver.
Cleans good and Easy to wash out
I love using Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner on my hair. It lathers up nicely, and a little goes a long way. The scent smells lovely. It is easy to wash out and leaves my hair shiny and without tangles. The best part is the 2 in 1 and not having to use an additional conditioner.
I really like all of there products, it works really well. I love the scent of the shampoo. It leaves my hair soft, silky and healthy feeling.
My Go To!
I've tried a few shampoos and conditioners over the years. Always end up going right back to Pantene. It makes my hair soft and shiny!
Dried out my hair and seems like it's dominated with shampoo and barely any conditioner.
Would buy again and again
Pantene will always be my go to brand. No other brand leaves my hair so soft and healthy looking. I like to try different brands and products but in the end I always come back to Pantene.
Not a fan
Only reason I bought this was because it was on sale. Smells fantastic and is easy to use but it made my hair greasy which makes my curly hair flat, not to mention when I blow out my hair to make it straight it makes my hair oily by the roots. Needles to say I won’t use Pantene again
Really like it.
I have really unmanageable hair and this stuff works really well to help with that. I got it and used it for about a week and then after that my hair seemed much softer and manageable.
Pantene pro-V shampoo & conditioner
Pantene pro-V daily moisture renewal is amazing. My family has extremely thick hair, my daughter and I have extremely long hair and my son and I have scalp psoriasis. Alot of shampoos and conditioners makes or psoriasis flare up and irritates it, but pantene is one of the only that doesn't. Pantene I very affordable, it smells great ( even the next day your hair smells amazing, it really deeps cleans your hair and scalp, but doesn't leave your hair with that thick greasy feeling like you didn't get it all out. It makes your hair feel so soft and you don't need much for a deep cleaning.
I tried this a couple months ago. I usually don't buy 2 in 1's because it leaves my hair dry. But this one surprised me. It did a great job. Hair was soft, shiny and frizz free to my surprise.

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