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My mother who has finished Kemo 2 months ago,has lost most of her hair. Would love to have her try this and have her hair come back fuller and with more volume. This would boost her self esteem tremendously and get her beautiful hair back as i remember before Cancer invaded our lives! Thank you!
I want to try this product pantene pro-v expert which is between 22.00-29.00 at target, which is a 3 month supply, but note " it for women who has thinning hair (if you parted your hair straight down the middle) not for bald patches in hair or if you just want fuller hair.
Would love to try this my hair is thinning and I lose a lot every day.Need something to help me keep my hair.
I'm in my late thirties and have noticed my hair thinning. It's a sad realization to know that my hair has been falling out in clumps for awhile. Hopefully it's just stress. Would really love to try this product
I have thin hair and would love to find a product that would help with giving me more hair.
Have not tried this but would love too. My hair just keeps thinning
I have not tried this but would like to as I have VERY thin hair on to of my head.
I would like to try this one. I have thinning hair. I bet it works well.
i would love to try this because i am losing hair in the center of my head an i look weird please if you have an extra product sample please let me try I embarras my kids with losing my hair plz
Would love to try it. My hair is getting thin. I use other Pantene products love them.
I would love a chance to try this out. I do have thinning hair and am looking for something to help revive it.
I would love to try this I bet it works great.. I've seen this in stores, I would like to have thicker hair my hair has thinned over the years due to some medications,
I would love to be chosen to test this product. Thinning hair runs in my family.
I would love to test this product. My hair is fine and thin now thanks to medication I take.
I would like to try this since my hair is getting thinner on the sides and I can really see my scalp. O hope this product will works for my.

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