3.7 5 0 6 6 Lightweight shine and frizz control for natural hair.
Pantene ProV Shine Serum with Argan Oil
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This product is okay, but not for me. I prefer something that I can spray on my hair or use before I comb my wet hair. You have to apply this by hand (squirt in your hand and apply into your hair). I can't seem to apply this easily. I like and still use other Pantene products, but had to stop using this. It appears to be best for straight, dry hair or dry, short, curly hair. The instructions say to use on wet or dry hair. It also says to squirt into hands and scrunch or twist through curls. I may give this another try since I have half a bottle left.
I am happy to find this product, because I try before and it's excelent product!
Ian obsessed with Pantene first time I have see this product would love to try it out!!!!!!
I love Pantene but I have not try this out befor but I would love to try this out
Wow it what I need for my very dry hair. I would like to try this!!
this product is good when straighten hair with straightner but after that in an hour or so hair feels like straw especially the ends
I'm in need of a product like this @ this time & would give quality review in depth.
I'm hoping to test Pantene Prov Shine Serum With Aragan Oil, I hope you consider me Home Tester Club, to be able to test this serum. Pantene is a very good brand that I've used for years. I haven't tried this serum, I'm hoping that will come to be available here where I live. Thank you for the opportunities to test products Home Tester Club!
Would love to try this because every serum/cream has only made my hair greasy and I would love to try before I buy so I don't waste more money and be dissatisfied yet again..
is it expensive?i want to try this soooooo bad but i do hve a month budjet so i like sampling first and if i like it i continue to purchase it and i will love uuuuu for eveer if u let me sample this product pleeeaaaaase please lol please please please i love argan oil
i have not tried this product but i have really long hair. and i would like to try this out
I have used other Eagan oil products and I love how soft and smooth they make my hair. I would really love to try this one from Pantene Pro V. I use their other products.
Ihave a very long hair and i would like to try this product.
I have never used Pantene with Argan Oil. I use other oil products on my hair but the do not work, they make my hair feel dry and dull. I know that Pantene makes good products so I hope that using this product will make my hair not feel dry and dull.
I want to try it, my hair is so thin that gets frizz and static all the time,it looks messy..:(

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