Pantene Soothing Combing Cream

4.6 5 0 146 146 Practice smart styling with Pantene Pro-V Smoothing Combing Cream for healthy, strong hair.
Pantene Soothing Combing Cream


Pantene Soothing Combing Cream
I brought this pantene combing cream and it make it so easy to comb my hair I love it
Pantene Detangler
I bought this to try on my daughters hair because she has really long curly hair... And it definitely made my job of brushing he hair out after getting a bath way easier... we really liked it.
Combing cream
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my hair. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways.
Pantene Combing Cream
I ❤️ love this combing cream, my daughter and I think #Pantene has really stepped up their game. It's easy to use and makes my hair feel awesome. I would highly recommend that you try this out #Hometesterclub
Works Great
Pantene is the only brand I will use for my shampoo and conditioner needs. I love the Pro-V Smooth & Sleek. Not only does it make my hair soft and shine, it makes it nice and smooth. My hair looks laid down nicely and looks tailored. I love both!
Wonderful life saver!
I use this cream in my daughters hair which is severly damaged from bleaching and is also incledibly thick and curly. The stuff works great! It will leave her hair greasy if i use to much so it obviously doesnt take alot. And my daughter (15) has told all of her friends about it.
It was ok
I tried this like last year and liked it but I soon found a way better similar product. So I switched to the newer one.
Pantene Smoothing Creme
I tried Pantene Smoothing Creme because I have wavy, dry, thick, damaged hair that's past my waist, in length. Let me tell you, with all that working against me, it gets tangled like crazy! I've tried plenty of products to smooth and detangle, and this creme actually helped with both pretty well. I was glad it was so affordable to try and easy to apply to my hair. The one negative I found was that if I used too much, it left my hair greasy. Use this creme sparingly.
Pantene Soothing Combing Cream
YES, YES, YES! Leave it up to Pantene to make their great products even better!
Great stuff!
I have only been using this for a week, but so far I absolutely love it. It is as good as much more expensive brands.
Love it
I love Pantene Soothing Combing Cream on my long hair, makes it so much easier to handle and style.
Con esta crema Pantene se desenrreda mi pelo facilmente sin necesidad de pasar El peine/cepillo.
I enjoyed this product when I was in high school, and I always get this product if I have coupons for Pantene. My hair is frizzy and needs lots of moisture, but when I use this product it tames the frizz and locks in moisture every time I use it. I absolutely love this smell and would recommend this product to people who have unmanageable frizzy hair.
send the free samples of Pantene Soothing Combing Cream to Edmy Arroyo in street 7 f9 estancias de san fernando carolina PR 00985
I have been using this product for about 3 months and I absolutely love it! My hair is easier to comb through, more manageable, and shiny!

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