4.7 5 0 26 26 Practice smart styling with Pantene Pro-V Smoothing Combing Cream for healthy, strong hair.
Pantene Soothing Combing Cream
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Real good combing creme for thick hair like mine and !eaves it very strong and healthy looking and easy to apply
Makes your hair more managable and gives your hair a glossy full head of hair look and lasts a long to time
I absolutely love Pantene, I hope to receive some home test products for Pantene!
I love Pantene. My hair feels soft shiny easy to comb
I've been using this product for about a month and already notice a difference. My hair has been less frizzy, easier to brush, shinier, looks and feels healthier. It's one of the best leave-in products I've ever used!
I love this combing cream! Its a great deranged and leaves your hair soft, and smelling great! Highly recommend.
I love pantene from my childhood..my all family members also use pantene shampoo
Muy buen producto lo e usado y es bueno para el cabello lo deja muy suavecito.
A very pleasant smell and soft skin after it, I like it very much
I've been using this product for about 1 month and can already see improvement in my hair. Besides making my hair easier to comb through after washing, my hair is shinier and has less frizziness. Even my hair dresser noticed the change! It is one of the best leave-in products I have used.
I haven't tried this new product Pantene but I would love to receive .So I could try it out.
I’ve never seen this in my local stores. It sounds very promising specially for dry, hard to de-tangle hair. Would love to give this one a try and provide my full review.
I would LOVE to sample this product. I have hair down to my butt crack and work hard to keep it all looking healthy and shiny. I comb through my hair every shower to keep it healthy and tangle free. This sounds like the ideal product for me!!! I would love to write a review.
I live Pantene products. Would love to try this Pantene Soothing Combing Cream because it looks like it would work. It also looks like it would smell great and I would love to see if it actually moisturizes my hair to make it more manageable.
Pantene is one of my favorite hair products, I can't wait to review and spread the word to my friends.

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