4.6 5 0 147 147 Practice smart styling with Pantene Pro-V Smoothing Combing Cream for healthy, strong hair.
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I haven’t try this product however if given the opportunity I would try it and give my honest opinion.
I would love to try Pantene Combing Cream! My daughter would love it for her long hair!
Would LOOOOOOVE to give this one a go! I love me some patene, but, haven't tried this one!
Pantene has great products, This one is really new. and I would love to try this for my frizzy hair, could you send me some please.
No e visto este producto en tienda me encantaría poder probarlo ya que me cabello siempre se enreda.
I have not tried this particular product, but would absolutely love to. I love the Pantene line of products. This product would be a Godsend for my fine, always tangled hair! Sounds like a wonderful addition to the Pantene family!
I wonder if this can help with dry itchy skin for my mother
I would love the opportunity to try this out I have used pantene as far as shampoo and conditioner but have not heard about soothing cream till now would live to try it out
I use Pantene products all the time and didn't realize they had a smoothing combing crème for which I could really use. My hair is quite long and tangles very easily especially when it is wet. I would love to try this and see if it would be something I would like to add to my pantene collection.
I have issues with my hair and am constantly looking for new products to try to restore healthiness to my hair. I do currently use Pantene. I would love to try this particular one so I won't have to look for multiple different brands for every issue with my hair.
I would like to try out this product looks very easy to apply and affordable.
I would love to try this product. My hair is a pain to comb through after a shower or bath.
Me cabella esta reseco me gustaria este producto para peinarlo.
Pantene products are the best please send me a sample to try
Would love to try this. I have very curly hair that's hard to brush out after I shower.

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