4.7 5 0 146 146 Practice smart styling with Pantene Pro-V Smoothing Combing Cream for healthy, strong hair.
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Justo para las personas q tenemos el cabello rizado y se nos hace un poco difícil desenredarlo. Este es el producto.
Would love to try this Pantene smoothing combing cream
This sounds amazing. I have extremely long curly damaged hair. I get up in the morning and my hair is all tangled. I wash and condition my hair and still have tangles everyday. I have always liked Pantene products so I am looking forward to this for hopefully tangle free hair.
i want to try this product please bc of my hair length.
I have not tried this product would love to try my hair can use all the help it can get
Pantene is wonderful, and I have thick curly hair which is hard to comb through.
I haven't tried this product but willing to try because my hair is dry and fizzy
i have not tried this but would love to! This would especially be great for my pre-teen daughter; as she has beautiful curly hair, but has so much trouble with tangles and frizziness. Some products leaves her hair either greasy looking or still frizzy; it is like there is no correct amount to use without one or the other
Is this for knots? Because I get them all the time. I've never seen this product in stores. .
I would love to try this out. I use Pantene on my hair every day and this product sound like something I would like.
I could use this in my life, looks like it would make my hair feel so soft!!
I love pantene, it smells great and works great on mine and my daughters hair...I have not tried the combing cream yet, but would love too, as I have long hair that is very frizzy at times, and my daughter has long hair and the detangling would work great for her....
I have used Pantene in the past but not here lately. I. Would use Pantene when I had a perm. But I would love to try out this product.thank you
I would love to try this i use [pantene products but have never heard of this one my hair is really dry i could really use this
I haven't tried Pantene Soothing Combing Cream but I love me Pantene products

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