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Love these blankets
I bought these for My grandson when he was born, it was winter and they kept him warm when I wrapped him in them. they also worked great for a burp cloth even though that's not what they are made for the quality is great
Cozy blanket
This is a good quality receiving blanket. It is very cozy, soft and comfortable. The price is very competitive and good value for money.
Parent's choice thermal receiving blankets
These are great. My son loves them and they keep him warm. Great to use when in the car and its cold out.
Parents choice blankets
I would have to say I really loved these blankets for my boys. They seem to keep my kids warmer than any of the other blankets that I've purchased. Also works great when covering my babies while nursing
I used for each of my babies
Love these blankets seem to keep my babies more warm than the regular receiving blankets bought for each one of my pregnancies
On each of my registries
These are the blankets I have used through each newborn phase with all three of my boys. I feel they tend to stay a bit warmer than standard receiving blankets. But still maintain a lot of softness through the wash.
These blankets are so soft and I have washed them several times and they still look new!
Satisfied with all parent choice products
All the parent choice products I have tried for my child I have been very satisfied with. I used these receiving blankets when he was small they held up very nicely.
parents choice thermal receiving blankets.
we could really use these for my new grand son...........would make a great christmas gift........ty.
We loved these blankets. They are so soft and cozy. They are not heavy and they keep baby warm. I also live that they are easy to wash and they last long.
Comfortable and well made
These blankets are soft, and comfortable. Well worth the money.
Equate thermal receiving blankets a must
We love these blankets. Very durable when you wash. Keeps baby nice and cozy.
Receiving blanket
Love these blankets. They are a great price and good quality.
Great blankets
Parent's choice thermal receiving blankets are the one item I always used when I had my babies. They work great to keep the babies warm and they work great as a burp cloth if needed. I had so many and used them all the time.
Great buy
I have a couple of these thermal receiving blankets and they are great. I've had them for both my son and my daughter and they both loved them as well. They are soft and keep them warm and cozy. A great buy.

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