Peace Out Acne Champs Kit

4.5 5 0 16 16 Discover the routine of acne-fighting champs. Wash away excess oil and impurities without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture with the exfoliating daily Blemish Balm Cleanser, target blemishes with the all-over Salicylic Acid Treatment Serum, and minimize the appearance of breakouts overnight with the bestselling Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots.
Peace Out Acne Champs Kit


Yes! Yes! It works it just works . So few words need be said. It works. It works for little breakouts big, breakout, it’s not going away blemishes, it’s always been there! Try this!
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I’ve used the Peace Out Acne dots before and really like them so I felt comfortable making this purchase to try out the Blemish Balm and Acne Serum. I liked using the balm and felt like it did lather up like the pictures show. I always keep one of those little makeup spoons in my cabinet since I don’t like sticking my fingers directly into the tub of product! I’m still undecided about the serum- I liked that it was easy to apply due to the viscosity of the serum (I hate when oils dribble down my fingers and arm), but the dropper was almost useless. I haven’t noticed a huge change after a week of use in my skin’s appearance but the before and after photo above does show a six week time difference. I’m happy to say it didn’t cause any irritation or dryness! I tend to have a heavy hand and dry my skin out from excessive product application!
Three essentials all in one
Loving this new set from Peace Out. The acne dots work amazing and are my secret weapon. Have been using the balm for almost a month now and love the way it feels; soft yet also grainy to clean my skin thoroughly. Just started with the serum and like the results so far. My skin feels smooth and I am seeing less blemishes. Would definitely recommend!
Peace Out Acne Champs Kit
Truly a blessing considering my tons of skin issues, all addressed specifically tis treatment. The dark spot treatment is a small microneedling dot which doesn’t hurt when you use them and It releases anti pigmentation to reduce the appearance of my unwelcome spot plus the acne dots are actual perfection. If you’re a picker you know how bad it can get so I am well please about my acne free skin
This stuff works wonder i use it alot its a life saver. I feel that it works really well. The sent in the product isnt to bad either. Its AMAZING!!!!!!! Totally recommend this product
This acne face kit makes your face so awesome and very refresh. Highly recommended this product
Fun for teenagers
I bought this kit for my teenage daughters as a christmas present per their request. I purchased from Ulta. The kids are experiencing the young acne stage so I was more than happy to find a product that is fun and helps them. We love the simplicity of funness of the product. My daughters use this when they have a pimple and put the patch on before sleep. They claim it makes their skin a little dry but definitely helps with the redness of the pimple and believe the pimple goes away faster.
one of the BEST
I have used almost every brand out there and this is one of the very few that I would use. you have to make sure you wash your face well before putting one on , or it wont stick, I leave it on overnight and it brings all the gunk out. this is a great brand and have bought many times
Works really well!!
I tried the patches and they worked really well with reducing the size of blemishes and it really gets a lot of the gunk out of your skin!
I overall love this brand but this set is amazing! I love all of the products and thyre acne patches are the only ones that will actually work for me when i get cystic break outs!
Stickers dont work
The acne stickers were just that. Stickers. I noticed no difference
I would love to get this my sister has bad acne and nothing helps
I have had such a hard time with small breaks out I don't get them often but when I do it's so hard to get rid of them this product changed that. My face has never been so smooth soft and clear.
My daughter has acne problems.She wants to try this.But before purchasing this I will really appreciate if I get a sample to give it a try.
Me encantaría ver que tal éste producto a ver si es efectivo contra el acné.

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