Pedigree: Choice Cuts Canned Dog Food in Gravy

4.7 5 0 225 225 Nourishes the skin and coat, Meaty chunks in gravy dogs love & Highly digestible
Pedigree: Choice Cuts Canned Dog Food in Gravy


My dog loved it.
my dog loved it but my only issues is my dog got very bad and smelly gas. I give it a 3 because she loved it but gas was bad.
It’s okay
I have always used Pedigree dry food and there have been no issues. I tried the wet food because one of my dogs is a senior and his teeth aren’t what they used to be. I let both of my dogs try it…..not exactly their favorite. But, what made me give it 3 stars are the ingredients. This food isn’t really food. I’m trying to keep my dogs healthy and this food isn’t going to promote good health.
Picky Eaters Enjoy it
We run an out of pocket animal rescue and have come across many times of pups. Including the picky eaters. Pedigree just knows what they are doing! All of the dogs that have come into our rescue have loved it!
sometimes it can be hit or miss with this dog food brand with our jack russell terrier. she sometimes will gobble it all up then other times it will sit for a day or two at the most before she will it. so i don't if is just the batch or her lol.
Pups pick
I've tried all the wet/canned dog food and this by far is the one my dogs prefer. The big meaty chunks with gravy is a favorite in this house. I'm sure the only complaint you will get is the can needs to be bigger because my dogs can't get enough.
My dog refuses to eat anything else!
My Doberman loves this stuff! He loves the taste and refuses to eat his dry dog food until I top it off with this food. The consistency is great for him!
My dogs love it
My dogs just can’t get enough of this food and my dogs are very picky eaters
It's Alright
Even though my dog loves it I would prefer getting a different brand that is meant for better to digest for my dog stomach. And there are better choices to buy from. I honestly won't recommend for dogs with sensitive stomach.
Best of all we tried
The Pedigree Choice Cuts canned food is what keeps our dog eating his dry food. We mix it and he digs in. We've tried a number of different canned foods, and this is by far his favorite!
Perfect addition to a bowl of dry food
My two dogs love gravy so I used this as a base to make it and my dogs ate this within minutes. Very good texture.
The boys liked it
My dogs really seemed to like it when it is mixed in with their dry food.
My PICKY dog enjoys this!
Having a picky dog can be frustrating but my dog LOVES this food, and that says alot! It has generous chunks of meat that's made with REAL beef, which I appreciate!
Dog liked
My dog really enjoyed this food goobled it down usually picky.I liked the benefits from this product also would buy again.
BearBears IN LOVE
My Dog BearBear is very Finicky when it comes to wet food but he LOVES this BEEFY FLAVOR & AROMA TOO! As soon as I BEGIN to CLICK open the can he's GUNGHI ready to eat! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND this FLAVOR for picky dogs!
My dog has been eating this for years and I don't know why if they changed something in the ingredients but he just stopped eating it. But all in all great dog food

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