Pedigree: Choice Cuts Canned Dog Food in Gravy

4.6 5 0 426 426 Nourishes the skin and coat, Meaty chunks in gravy dogs love & Highly digestible
Pedigree: Choice Cuts Canned Dog Food in Gravy


My doggies love it !
"My dogs have been trying Pedigree wet food for a while now, and their reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. From the moment I open a can, they are instantly alert and eager, indicating that the aroma and flavor strongly appeal to them. This enthusiasm is a big deal, especially considering that one of my dogs is usually quite picky about food. The texture of the food seems perfect for them. It's soft enough for easy eating and digestion, which is particularly beneficial for my older dog who has some dental sensitivity. I've noticed that they both finish their meals quickly and seem satisfied afterward, which wasn't always the case with other brands. One significant observation is the positive impact on their overall health and energy levels. Their coats appear shinier, and they seem more active and playful since switching to Pedigree.
Love it
My doggie really enjoyed it she seemed to be more satisfied than the food I was feeding her before
My dog loves
There is something about this dog food with gravy that my dog just loves. It is a good treat for him. Great source of protein, soft and easy to chew, my furry friend loves it, definitely recommend.
Great for Older Dogs
My dog absolutely loves the canned food compared to the dry dog food. I even try to mix them together and she will still leave most of the dry food in her bowl. This is much better tasting to her and easier for her older teeth to chew. Only downside is the cost of this compared to the dry dog food.
Dogs love it
My dogs love this product mixed with their regular food and I like how there is different flavors for me to choose from
Dogs love it
Two boxers and they know when it is time to eat. I like to mix with some dry pedigree. They never have stomach issues, hair, skin, nails and activities levels are all great!!!
My Dog Just Loves It
I brought it for my dog to see if he would like it. He actually enjoyed it.
I bought this food for a friends dog when she went out of town and i could not reach her to ask the type to ask what Lady liked to eat so i bought the one that looked like real meat and she loved it so much my friend had to change her diet when she came home ,...Thanks .
Sometimes good. Sometimes Not.
It is frustrating that each can does not appear to be the same ingredients. I can open a can on Monday and my dog can not get enough of it. I open a different can on Tuesday and they act like something is wrong with it. The ingredients seem complicated.
Dogs love the meaty chunks
Pedigree Choice Cuts beef is one of my go-to wet food for my doggies! Whether young or old my dogs scarf it down. And it doesn't give them the runs like other wet foods do. And with the meaty chunks, they have to actually slow down and eat!
Love it!
I have 4 big, lazy loveable boxer mix. And, all of my dogs love this stuff! The smell is a little strange, but isn't that how all dog food is!? Anyways, I like that it's affordable and that the can is super easy to open, especially for when we are on the go! We will continue to buy this!
My dogs are like addicted to this food lol. Its their favorite.
All canned dog food is pretty bad..
..for your pup. But this is particularly so. What do you think is in this? They’re allowed to include roadkill and unless it states otherwise these low end dog foods are not food. Buying meat at the grocery store is a way better plan and nourishes your dog with things you intentionally give them in love. That’s better food than anything in the universe. Dog life spans are shorter by over 30% and some breeds are as much as 50% effected, since kibble has been invented and made the standard for our fur babies. This is but an extension of that “feed ‘‘em garbage” mentality.
Excellent Dog Food
I got a blue pit as a rescue dog and he is missing some teeth and I have to feed him soft food. He absolutely loves this kind, he devours it everytime
My dog loves the chiken and is full and happy.I would recommend this anyday

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