4.9 5 0 27 27 This limited edition coffee is the best of the best, exceedingly lush and complex. Flavor notes include elegant purple blossom and blackcurrant preserve.
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Perks Me Right Up
Peet's Coffee never dissapoints. The Kenya Nyeri blend is so delicious. I like it hot or iced. It's strong but not overwhelming, the perfect kind of coffee. There are notes of fruit and chocolate.
Tastes Amazing
Peet's coffee is so tasty. Usually when I try a new coffee it will upset my stomach but not Peet's!! Tastes so rich and not bitter. Excellent coffee.
Peet's Pride
This rich, dark roast fills your home with a grounding scent. It takes you back to your childhood.
Peers is one of my favorite coffees, you can't go wrong with this flavor
Peet's Coffee Kenya Nyeri dark roast
A very rich, robust cup of coffee, great way to start my day
So good
Love LOVE this fabulous coffee. So dark and rich with a deep roasted flavor. I drink it every morning, can't start my day without it!
Rich, striking flavor
Peet's Coffee Kenya Nyeri is loaded with rich, intense flavor. With the principal taste, you can taste the majority of the various flavors coming through and the taste keeps going. I am normally not an aficionado of dull meal but rather this espresso is incredible!
Full flavor
This dark roast has a nice rich, full body flavor. Great for this first cup of the day.
Strong cold coffee
Just the right amount of cold cofee on a hot day to get the work day started.
Peets coffee
The best coffee is from Africa because of the aroma taste and texture plus the smell of coffee brewing is great when you are brewing In the house making the house smelling great and goes great with coffee cakes and donuts
Good Enough
I asked my son to pick up coffee and he brought this home. I never bought it because of the price. It's good coffee, full flavored and tastes good.
Delicioso cafe!!
Riquisimo sabor, peet's coffee tiene muy buena variedad de sabores en cuanto al café, todos están riquísimos, un delicioso aroma y el sabor es de gran calidad, el precio es un poco elevado pero vale la pena comprarlo, esta mas que recomendado.
OMG, so good!
If you like dark roast coffee, this will be your new nirvana. Finally a coffee labeled as dark that really means it! I'd love to find coupons for Peet's.
Peets Coffee
I like Peets coffee because it has freshness date on package and tastes like coffee should.
Peet's Coffee
Peet's Coffee flavor is different from the most coffees I've tasted.

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