4.8 5 0 55 55 This limited edition coffee is the best of the best, exceedingly lush and complex. Flavor notes include elegant purple blossom and blackcurrant preserve.
Peet’s Coffee Limited Edition Kenya Nyeri Dark Roast
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I am a huge fan of Peets coffee! Bold yet smooth, it is wonderful! Peets makes me feel like I am getting a real treat every morning. Everybody has to get out of bed, this coffee is as good a reason as any!
Peet's Kenya Blend
Peet's is one of my favorite brands of coffees. Their Kenya blend is smooth and balanced, bold, but not bitter. It is perfect for your morning cup or with your evening dessert.
Fantastic stuff
My friend actually mailed me a few of these, they were kpods but they were this specific brand. I mean it when i say this, i jave never had a better coffee. It was so smooth and flavorful i am going to stock up on it!
Dark Roast
I normally do not drink coffee, but I thought it was interesting to give it a try from this product. When I first tried it, I thought it was overall easy to make. The texture were not completely smooth, but it was sweet enough.
Delicious dark roast
This is a delicious dark roast with a strong but smooth flavor that makes it easily sip able. The aroma will fill your whole house when you make it. I haven’t tried other coffee from this brand, but do recommend this one.
Peet’s Coffee Limited Edition Kenya Nyeri Dark Roast Is yummy. Deffinetly a bold dark roast but seems so dresh when brewed. Great morning pick me up. Will purchase again.
Full Bodied
When you reach for coffee make sure you try Peets coffee! This one is full bodied and full of bold flavor that will keep you coming back for your caffeine pick up! I love Peets and this one is dark roast so I always have two cups of this one each day! so Good!
Amazing how fresh coffee was even though I had not realized I had in cupboard for so long yummy
Bold taste
This is such a great coffee! If you like the taste of coffee and like a bold tasting coffee this is the one for you. It’s got a very strong taste but not too overpowering. I would recommend this to any lover of a strong bold coffee.
This is the best coffee! Every morning this is THE relay moment for me.
NIce and bold!
this is a very strong and love this taste for this coffee its very bold but it wakes you up it very affordable
The best!!
What can I say, Peet’s does it again!! I love their coffee, especially a dark rich flavored one. Nice cup or pot of joe!!
The best
I recommend this to every one. It tast delicious and it is the best priced coffee in the market. it is rich and creamy and quality beens are used. This can easily be compared to espresso.
Coffee addicholic and love
I’m very particular about my coffee and was very impressed with the taste. Would definitely buy again
Peers coffee
My husband's bussness uses peets coffee for there office and they have a subscription to a delivery service for peets coffee brand we have tried many flavors of there coffee and all are very good but this particular flavor is very rich dark and bold if you like a strong coffee this is your go to. I have always been a Starbucks fan ,but Starbucks move over because Peets is stepping up

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