Pepperidge Farm® Light Style Seven Grain Bread

4.7 5 0 71 71 Light Style Bread is the perfect choice for your balanced lifestyle. At 45 calories per slice, it’s a great tasting bread that won't weigh you down. It's the lighter side of great baking.
Pepperidge Farm® Light Style Seven Grain Bread


muy bueno y saludable. casi siempre lo compro, me gusta comprar pan integral.
It was ok
I didn't hate this. It was ok. I'm would like to have a more softer bread. This seem a little dense for me. It tasted fine and not awful. I think this would be great for someone who watching their weight. A good alternate for traditional bread.
My favorite bread
This is my absolute favorite among the light style breads - it is soft and full of flavorful goodness, yet has only 45 calories per slice.
7 grain bread
I usually eat natures own life bread because of the low calories (40 per slice) and one day my grocery store was out, so I tried the Pepperidge farm 7 grain as an alternate and I was pleasantly surprised. It is only 5 more calories than natures own and I really enjoyed the taste. I also felt that it stayed fresher than my usual bread. (I noticed they had an oatmeal flavor, so I may try that one next)
light pepperidge farm bread
I like this product , I don't feel like I am eating too much carb, nice soft bread, slices good size
Pepperidge Farm Light Style Seven Grain Bread. Really good bread
Full of Grains and Flavor
This bread is delicious. We use it for breakfast and sandwiches and it is full of grain and enhances the flavors of sandwich ingredients. Love it.
my favorite brand of bread
I love this brand of bread is my favorite but however the seven grain is not one of my favorites, one day I went to wawa and bought a sandwich and I always wondered what kind of bread it was and it was the sourdough so I bought several brands and I did not like as much as the pepperridge farm without a doubt, all their bread line is delicious but my favorite is the sourdough
Great flavor
Great flavor, but a bit dry. I always buy multi grain bread and thought I would try this because it is also "light." The flavor is good, but it was a bit dry. The slices are thin, probably to reduce the calories. I would buy again.
Great for dieters!
I love this bread! Great someone who is counting calories, looking to lose some weight. The flavor is very good, the calories are even better. Good price.
Delicious and healthy!
Love this bread. The smaller slices are perfect for keeping my carbs down but not cutting the flavor of a great wheat bread.
light bread
I always buy Petridge Farm light breads ...they taste wonderful and only45 cal.
Healthy and delicious
Healthy and delicious . I use quite a lot of bread and I have to say I really enjoy using this. It makes sandwiches taste fantastic. Gives it just a little over-the-top taste. I have turned on a couple of my friends to it
Love this bread
I eat this bread 5 days every week for my sandwiches. It's vaporous and light. It is somewhat littler than some different brands however to me, it's the ideal size for my work snacks. My mother cherishes this bread also
Excellent bread
So soft, and delicious. Great for someone on a diet, but still loves sandwiches.

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