4.6 5 0 37 37 Light Style Bread is the perfect choice for your balanced lifestyle. At 45 calories per slice, it’s a great tasting bread that won't weigh you down. It's the lighter side of great baking.
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Tastes great. Multigrain bread has always been my favorite. This is great as usual and is a little bit of a healthier option.
This bread taste great for sandwiches & it's healthy. It also doesn't go stale or dry out quickly.
Not dry
Good tasting and not dry like some grain breads can be
Healthier choice.
This bread is healthier than standard white bread. The light seven grain provides better nutrition and I think tastes good!
No carb diet my foot.
I love this bread! I was introduced to it back in 2012 when I accidentally ate my boyfriend's mother's "diet bread." It was delicious! No wonder his mother kept the bread all to herself! If you're trying to lose weight and love carbs, this is the bread for you. My only issue is it's a little pricey.
I really like this bread. Its very whole grain filled, and tastes more rustic than your more standard wheat breads. I love the ingredients & feel like its a healthier choice for me & my family
Don't like
I have tried several different brands of whe at bread. I don't care for this Pepperidge wheat bread. It's nothing like wonder. I don't like the little grades of seasoning it has at too of the bread.
Too good product, very soft , light weight . Whenever I make sandwiches it blends very nicely with veggies. My little child & granny without teeth also they can eat b enjoy. Also it’s gluten free, so easy to digest. After keeping in refrigerator, when I take out it’s the same soft. Love it Also the best part it’s multi grain I.e lot of protein in it. Healthy healthy tasty & filling . I can have it in breakfast, lunch & dinner . Also with anything tea , coffee, veggies, patty, Hats off
Great taste!
For a light bread, the taste is great and fills your belly. Use it for breakfast or any time of day!
Pepperidge Farm Light Style Bread
This is a great bread....whole grain with fewer calories!
Pretty Good.
Great flavor and texture. Slices are thick and make great toasted sandwiches.
I make sure i get a really fresh loaf. This bead taste Amazing with tuna fish. Grill cheese..or just toast n butter.. I like it because it tastes good. I love it because its good for me..
Love the Grains
I liked this product. I love bread with grains that are visible and this has that. When I am in the mood for a sandwich this bread is perfect. Holds up well and taste great.
Nice texture and taste.
My family and I are not fans of bread but we love this bread. The taste and texture is great.
Hearty and wholesome
I love this whole wheat bread, and love the crust too! Hearty and healthy for you, while also not emptying your pockets. Good price, for a great bread. I would recommend this to any wheat lover.

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