3.8 5 0 141 141 The bold, robust Pepsi you love now with a splash of fruit juice for a refreshing, flavor filled cola.
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so good
I love the taste. An the flaver its my best drink of all
I love the taste . Pepsi is always my choice . Cherry taste so good
Great taste!
I really enjoying drinking the Pepsi berry flavor. Is so fruity and refreshing. Is perfect for my evening relaxing session. Maybe I would put a little less sugar but is soda I guess!
It's not a subtle berry by any standards. It's almost like drinking a Pepsi fruit snack! I enjoyed the berry flavor a lot.
Its good if u like barries
My kids and husband loved it! It was ok but I'm not a Barry girl
Pepsi berry
It's very nasty and different It sure doesn't taste like a soda to me i noticed it doesn't sell very good at our local store
It’s good if you like berry flavors but I’m not big on flavored soda.
Pepsi Berry is pretty good
I sampled Pepsi Berry and was happily surprised. I was unsure about the combination but I thought it worked. I often drink calimocho in the summer and this adds a little extra berry flavor to the drink. I recommend for cocktails.
Pepsi. Berry
This wasn't for me ,I didn't like the after taste that it left,my option it didn't taste of berries in any fashion
Nice flavor
I loved this drink! Very refreshing and tasty. I do not drink it often since I'm not a big soda person, but when I do I enjoy every last sip of it. If you like Pepsi with a unique flavor, try this!
Not a big Pepsi person ,,but love the cherry flavor sometimes and i usely drink this one then.
Unique flavor
I really love that this Pepsi Berry soda it has really interesting and unique flavor. It is very different but still has the great pepsi taste. Very great twist on regular pepsi
So good
This is by far the best soda pop out here.. love it I have a whole case sitting in the fridge right now, ready to get chilled.
Cherry Pepsi ain't got nothing on this
I just texted it the other day and to be honest I loved it! I even like it better then cherry pepsi and that was my favorite pop (soda).
I do not recommend this product at all. It tastes like flat Pepsi with a shot of blueberry syrup.

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