3.8 5 0 399 399 The bold, robust Pepsi you love now with a splash of fruit juice for a refreshing, flavor filled cola.
Pepsi Berry
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When i first tried This soda it was different but as i was drinking it i realized that i really enjoy it. Plain soda can be boring so any soda with flavor or a spin of of flavor i will try.
Pepsi fan
I love it. For me it has a great taste to it and it definitely something I would buy on a regular.
Didn't like it warm. Over ice it was amazing. Couldn't really describe the flavor but at first it kinda tasted like a sweeter version of cherry.
Pretty good!
First of all, I’m a huge Pepsi lover! I drink Pepsi daily. I tried this at my moms because she had some and told me to try it. It is pretty good when you initially drink it but the after taste is what got to me.. reminded me of the berry flavored mucinex.🤢 but all in all, it’s not bad. I just wouldn’t purchase more than 1 at a time or anything.
Great Fruity Flavor
I loved the Pepsi with Berry. I prefer Pepsi to Coke so when I saw they had a new flavor I knew I had to give it a try. I thought it was fresh and not over powering. Was a great addition to my favorite beverage. I do wish they would make it in a diet variety though. I definitely would recommend you give it a try.
Out of the box!
I love trying unusual flavor combinations, and this combination is surprisingly good! Fun to try- but it is not an improvement on the original flavor, and I would definitely choose other sodas over this.
I ended up trying this at a restaurant for the first time. It tastes just as good as the other sodas I've tried. Nice burst of flavor. I would recommend this to friends and family.
Not my choice
It was just too much. Cherry Pepsi is Great. But no need to mix pepsi with other fruits. Not very good taste. Just too much.
Something else
I adore normal Pepsi and chose I would attempt this for something somewhat unique. The berry flavor isn't overpowering and tastes very pleasant. It's not something I would drink constantly but rather unquestionably useful for a switch up now and then.
Not For Me
I found that it tasted like they had added a spoonful of awful cough syrup to a Pepsi. It just wasn't to my liking. Also let my kids try it as they usually like flavored sodas and they wouldn't even finish a can between them.
Not so good
I found it not to my taste to me it tastes like medicine
Not that good
It was too sweet with much berry taste. Needs to be more tart so the berry is the star.
Love the flavor
I've always been a Coca Cola fan but after try this with my kids....I have to say I really liked it enough to purchase it.
The berry flavor enhances the cola and makes it sweet and refreshing.
pepsi (cherry)
I'm a Pepsihaulic (sp?), so when they came out with this, I had 2 try. WOW!!! This is terriffic. Thanks Pepsi!

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