4.6 5 0 72 72 Freshly ground peanut butter and organic honey are combined with gluten-free oats for a yummy cookie-dough-like bite.
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Kids bar
My grandson loves these bars a nice go to for the lunch box.
Filling breakfast or snack
This is a fantastic bar not only for kids, but for adults, too! I eat a gluten-free diet for health reasons and pretty much eat 1-2 of these every week either on my morning or afternoon commutes! Very fillin
My families favorite
Perfect Kids Peanut Butter Cookie Bar has become my families favorite snack since it has really nice sweet peanut butter taste
Not just for kids!
I bought these snacks for my daughter but I took one with me one day for a midday pick-me-up snack & I really liked it! It has a good source of protein & since I’m constantly moving around all day I don’t mind the calorie count because I burn it right off. They taste really yummy, too!
Great tasting but a lot of calories
These bars are great but they are jammed packed full of calories. They are a great bar to grab when you are on the run.
Tastes great
My daughter and I love these. They taste great, have a nice texture, and packed with good ingredients. We’ll definitely keep buying
Truest is the perfect bar
My family and I are hooked on these bars not only are they delicious but also loaded with nutrients. My husband and I both work and go to school and so we are always on the go we rely on these bars for energy. My son love these also he could have 4?in one sitting so I sometimes have to limit him to 2 a day. Been hooked on these for a year now and these are the healthiest bars out there for my family. Thank you and keep up the great job
Yummy and good for my kiddo
So I bought some of these for my son's school lunch and I couldn't help but sneak one since I'm a huge fan of peanut butter and the label with all its features quirked my intrest. Pack was easy to open and each bar individually wrapped. When I bit down into it i found it was softer than expected and a bit less chewy. The flavor was on target and I could easily believe there was real peanut in it. It didnt crumble or leave my hands greasy. Easy clean up. Great little snack for my son and for me.
Love these
We actually came across these at our local Costco, my kids got a sample and we ended up buying three boxes and my kids love these. They take them to lunch and even eat them for breakfast. They taste great and fill them up and are healthy too.
The kids LOVE them!
My kids are picky eaters and I have been trying but to come up with healthier snacks for afterschool and decided to give these a go. All of my kids love these and they are hard to keep around for long. The adults can't seem to keep their hands off them either! Great product and definitely not a junk food. If you are looking for an alternative healthy snack certainly add this one to your list. You won't get disappointed.
Excellent and easy snack for kiddos
These bars are packed with protein. This makes them a busy mom's best friend. When your always on the run and have a toddler, snacks are a must. And, these are truly "PERFECT" for that!
Great taste
My kids love this snack and they said omg mom this is delicious. I recomend this snack
Great snack!
Great on the go snack for the kiddos! Tastes great also.
Good go to snack
Very good and an easy go to snack when in a hurry!
Very good good,fast convent Nice size portion for on the go

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