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Personal Chiller


Personal Chiller
This person chiller is such a good idea. Sometimes living in hot areas especially I need to have a little cooler in my room for creams, drinks and also meds. This personal chiller does just that. It plugs in easy and is quite and chills very quickly. Good product.
The best darn make-up chiller EVER!!
This personal chiller is just what every woman needs in beauty/ make-up routine. I keep my face masks, all make-ups from separate. And ulta. The drawers slide and move to make room for my larger makeup brushes. It keep me makeup nice and chilled for easier to apply being cool. The brushes spread better the blush I apply. This is amazing and every woman will benefit from the chill in chiller.
Mixed feelings
I was very excited to try out a skincare fridge to see if it cold products made a difference in my skincare routine. I used this to store my serum, sheet masks, toner, and face creams. I like the pocket door shelves and divider that makes it easy to organize products. The drawer I received was bent out of shape and was hard to pull out so I had to remove it. It is pretty big in size and just barely fits on the bathroom counter in my master bedroom, when allowing for the suggested three inches of clearance. It did take about two days for it to get to it's coldest temperate of 47 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warmer than my actual refrigerator. The description stated that it was quiet, but mine has a noticeable and constant humming sound. I've had this for about a month now and now there is condensation inside the chiller which worries me. Also, the packaging shows a white interior and for some reason the inside of my chiller is blue which I don't particularly like.
I love it
I love this for all my skincare. It holds all my products and stays the perfect temperature.
I like the personal cooler
I like the cooler for sleep overs or girls day in masks nail polish toner and small water bottles
Simply great
I was so excited to be given this opportunity to participate in the "Personal Chiller" product trial. I have been very pleased with this product. It is very roomy, I actually have room for all of my skin care products. It keeps everyrhing nice and cold and it is so refreshing once you put it on your skin. My only not so positive feedback would be to fiddle with the door latch, possibly could close easier. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Cute and Adorable!
I received this Cute and Adorable Personal Chiller to test. The Personal Chiller is the cutest and most adorable! I highly recommend, buying it. I'm using mine to store cosmetics and especially my facial serums. I love that it has removal door shelf and fridge shelf for extra storage space is needed. The really like this Personal Chiller it's very quiet. I can't say enough good things about this mini fridge. The price is very reasonable. Thank you Home Tester Club for the opportunity to test the Personal Chiller.
Personal chiller
The personal chiller was ok. It was a little small with a lot of compartments. It got cool, but not cold. If you had a large bottle it might not fit. I'm not sure I would purchase this product.
Waste of money and time
I was so excited to be getting my personal chiller, from the description of it some pictures it looked like it was what I needed. I received it to find the led lighted mirror cracked but still usable, so I finished unpacking read all the inserts instructions and placed it on my counter in my bathroom plugged it in. I went in checked it 2 hours later not even cool I looked at my thermometer I placed in it 80 degrees F my room was 70. The lowest it got was 69. I placed a small 10oz water bottle in it to see if it really kept things chilled before placing any of my masks or serums in it. I did place a zip lock small of sliced cucumber for my eyes and went to bed. 8 hours later still 69 my house was still 70 my items not any better than room temp. I would not recommend taking it your car as no way to keep it cold enough to allow cold air from around it to be drawn it. Same as home unless you like to live in a 60 degree or colder house . I will not buy another or recommend
I really love the Personal Chiller.
I live the Personal Chiller. The skincare products feels so good when applied to the skin. It’s feels like you are in a spa. I recommend it to anyone that has a passion for skincare like me.
In love!
A Personal Chiller is a product that I didn't know I needed. I feel so luxurious when I open it and use my chilled skin care products. My skincare is cooled to the right temperature, and it is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience when applied.
This Personal Chiller is the prefect size for skincare. It keeps my products nice and cool. It didn’t take long for it to cool and it is not loud at all. It is the prefect size and it looks nice on the countertops. I really like it. It can be used for skincare and even storing drinks. It has enough space and the dividers can be removed to make more room.
This is a game changer!
I love this personal chiller, it is big enough to fit all of my skincare products, it keeps my face masks so cold it feel good putting them on, so refreshing. I love the Mirror on the front, its nice to have while applying make-up, serums, face masks and so much more. My favorite part is the shelf in the door, its nice and fits my face masks perfectly. I would recommend it to all of my friends!
So Convenient!
This is so convenient! It’s small enough to fit easily on my bedroom dresser. It fits quite a few of my make-up items and body creams inside it to keep them fresh. I highly recommend this!
Works Great!
This cosmetic mini fridge is so cute! It’s the perfect size and I love that it has a mirror on the front of it. This fridge has shelves to keep things organized but it can also be removed. It’s pretty quiet when on and I think it’s great that it maintains an even temp.

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