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Personal Chiller


love it
Love the mirror and led light. I also love the shelve and door storage perfect size for my face products. i also like to add some water bottles. Its perfect for now. it goes well with room and colors.
Perfect little chiller for the money
I received the Vanity Fridge personal chiller as a gift to try. I put all my facial skincare products in it. This keeps them cool and they definitely last longer. They are easier to apply and the eye gel masks feel great on tired puffy eyes. I also like that my face masks were cool. This is a small chiller so definitely space saving but still enough room to put your face masks, moisturizers and other skincare products in. I would definitely recommend this if your into taking care of your skin and especially if you spend alot on facial products because again it does keep them fresher and longer. I think maybe a grip of some kind is needed on the bottom when trying to open it does slide a little if you don't use the handle grip on top. I enjoyed getting this and being able to try it out and keep it. Thank you so much.
Get your products chill!
I Enjoy putting my beauty products in the refrigerator, I always have. This personal chiller is the great Addition to my beauty product storage.The only Drawback to this unit is it makes a small Hum that is ever-present, I would like it to be quiet. It does however stay cool , as a matter of fact as soon as I plugged it in it was cool within 15 minutes. All of my beauty products are refreshing to put on Now that I have this storage to keep them in. The best part of this unit was all the storage and adjustable cabinets and drawers that are available To change around depending on your product size. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a personal chiller for their beauty products or chilled refreshments.
Excellent personal chiller.
It kept my makeup fresh and chill. It made my makeup look brand new.
My first ever vanity fridge
I never even knew these existed until I received one to try out my opinion it's pretty cool and can be used for a few different things doesn't have to just be for cosmetics although it keeps face masks at the perfect temp......I have a lil girl and our personal chiller also serves as a lil mini fridge we can keep her juice boxes and a few snacks for her in our I dont have to run back nd forth down the stairs to keep getting her seems like shes asking for something every few minutes lol... we can also keep her medicines that need to be refrigerated in it...its the perfect size and has the perfect amount of space the front of the door is a MIRROR..that's perfect for when I finally have the time to sit down and try to catch up on my shows, I can do my eyebrows at the same time..I'm ALWAYS forgetting about them lil girl and her friend love it also for when they get into my makeup they can use that mirror so they can see what their doing
Mini fridge
The personal chiller is very convenient. It helps keep all the beauty items fresh.
Sleek & convenient
It is very sleek looking. I love that the whole front is a mirror. Would be nice if it had little lights around it though. It’s smaller inside than it seems because of the thickness to keep the items inside chilled. Time will tell for durability. I do like it, convenient for having some things handy by your bedside. I like to keep a cold pack in it. Face masks are also nice if you like yours chilled. It doesn’t make things extremely cold, a nice chilled temperature. If you have the counter space for it, it’s a handy accessory to have. As far as noise goes it’s quiet, sounds like you have a fan on on low, if I compared it to something. All in all I’m excited about it, and would recommend it!
Works great, but a little bulky
This product is great if you have rosacea or inflamed skin and you like to feel cool product on your face. I actually put this next to my bed with a small water bottle so i can have cool water in the night. I have even stored mealworms that I feed my gecko in here – it is the perfect temperature to keep them dormant but alive, lol! The truth is, if you are using regulated products, you do not need this fridge to keep them shelf stable. But it is nice if you like the feeling. I live in a small apartment, but I have a lot of skin care products, and only a few will actually fit in here despite how big it is. I do appreciate that you can remove and replace the shelves and drawers to customize the fridge. The size will not be a problem unless your space is very small. It is probably more convenient than putting them in your kitchen fridge.
Not bad, not too good
Well, I really wanted to love this chiller and was so excited prior to receiving it but it’s not that great in person. The size is just right, spacious enough to put a couple creams and lotions, nice divider shelves option and small pockets on the door for smaller stuff like tubes. The color of the chiller is too girly to my liking, I’d prefer a neutral white or black or even red. This pink is making it look like the whole thing is a kids toy or something. Also, later I learned that there are some chillers on market with LED light around the mirror, and it makes it look soooo much fancier! What I really didn’t like is the noise this chiller is producing. It’s too loud, and sometimes it’s really nerve racking. Overall, it’s a nice product and it does the job well (I stored some products there for a while and the temperature is holding up just right).
Refreshingly cool
My first thought was I don't really need this but WOW! Chilling my face masks made all the difference when it came to my personal relax time. I used it to chill them instead of my masks being room temp. It made my skin feel more refreshed with the cooling factor.
Can't live without now
I was excited when I learned I was going to test this product. I love how there is a mirror on the front of the chiller! I wasent sure what all the hype was about chilling beauty products. But now I could not have a chiller for my products. It's not to cold eathier it's very quite can't even tell u have plugged in. Add feature is the door has like a pressure plate so when u open the chiller door it won't just open apply a lite pressure and perfect open. Child proof so no worries. This is a great product. One I can't be with out now.
Perfect little storage chiller!
I loved this item! It is small and compact so it doesn't take up much room. It also kept all my beauty products nice and chilled. It makes me want to go out and buy more expensive makeup now that I can store it properly.
Absolutely amazing!!
Im so very please with this personal chiller it’s amazing!! It’s very sturdy, huge and absolutely gorgeous! It gets cold very fast and I love all the shelves and drawers in it! I high recommend, you will not be disappointed! I never knew I needed a person chiller until I received mine!
I didn't know I needed this!
Living in the south it is still warm in the fall, I didn't realize how useful this would be! I holds my moisturizer, cold packs for migraines, and EYES. I also put my eyeliner in there! My moisturizer goes on nice and is cool, especially nice when your home is kept at a warmer temperature. Eyeliner goes on smooth without transferring to my upper eyelid. I can even keep a small bottle of water so I can my medicine in the morning. I could put more in it, but I don't use that many products. Not that I won't in the future. It is a little large for my bathroom counter, but I do not have a vanity to keep it at. I will keep using it, but once the cold weather hit us here I will probably put it away until it gets warm again next year.
Great purchase
Very good purchase for some one who wants to chill out after busy day

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