4.8 5 0 4 4 Piggy Paint Natural as Mud Nail Polish features a water-based formula claimed to dry to a hard finish that does not wash or peel off. The cruelty-free, vegan and kid-friendly product is non-toxic, virtually odorless and free from all harsh, smelly chemicals. It retails in a 4 x 0.12-fl. oz. pack.
Piggy Paint Natural as Mud Nail Polish
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Best for small children
I love that I can allow my younger children to use this and not worry about the ingredients being toxic or harsh, the colors are fun and I feel safe using it, it actually is odorless too.
Fabulous Nail Polish
I love this nail polish! It has ingredients in it that are safe to use on young kids. I love that my daughter can have a safe manicure just like her mom! I would recommend this to anyone!
Daughter loves it.
My daughter received this as a birthday present and absolutely loves it. I enjoy the fruity smells. I like that she isn't smelling a bunch of fumes and it is non toxic. It wears off pretty quickly but that's okay, it just means she gets a manicure sooner than later.
Love it
Absolutely loved it so does my daughter. I recommend it to everyone

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