4.8 5 0 24 24 Time to solve some mysteries with the members of Mystery, Inc. in the SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Machine! This psychedelic vehicle always has everything you need for your ghost-hunting adventures.
Playmobil Scooby-Doo! Mystery Machine
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Scooby Doo
We purchased this Scooby van a few years back for our daughter. It was a big hit the colors popped in it but the little pieces that hold the top up were fragile which would sometimes make it annoying. Overall tho it's a kool can to add to any Scooby fan collection‼
My kids Love this
My kids are happy with this I recommend people to get ot for their kids
Love it
My two girls love this. My youngest wilk set at the top of the steps and play for hours with this scooby doo van. We love everything about this toy and wouldn't change a thing. Id recommend this to anyone who has kids.
My kids love it!
My kids absolutely love this toy. Even if they are younger that the Scooby-Doo era, they are so excited about the sow in they love all the toys about the show. I would recommend to everyone who is a fan!
Scooby where are you ?
I love Scooby and the Gang. It look just like the cartoon on TV very details don't miss a beat. It only need the song but we sang along while play with the van and the gang. If you a fan of the show a must have for kids all ages.
Guagua de scobby
Esta súper buena donde se la regale a mi sobrina y le encanta, es ideal para toda las niñas. Además uno se integra y juega también y tiene tiempo para compartir con la familia
Scooby dooby doo!
Both my son & daughter (ages 6 & 9) love their scooby doo van! They are constantly playing with it. Along with all their other figurines too... I have to say, the scooby van is their absolute favorite!!
So fun!
My niece loves playing with this . She can spend hours and at night she sleeps with it by her bed to be ready to play first thing the next day! 😊
Scooby Doo Great toy
Mi hijo y mi sobrina cuando nos visita se divierten horas con este diseño es muy seguro para niños mas pequeños (4year) 😍 Estan ansiosos por ver la nueva pelicula de Scooby doo en May❤
Scooby Van
We bought this Scooby Doo Van for my 6 yr old grandson and he loves it! He has other figures that he puts in the van too! Great product!
My 4 year old loves the figurines and the mystery machine! Tons of room for imagination play!!
Scooby Doo Where Are You
My son received the scooby van as a Christmas gift! He loves watching Scooby Doo, and the toy, plus we purchased a few more of the figurines, it provided many hours of fun!
Kids love it!!!
My 3 boys love scooby doo!!! The mystery machine is a favorite go-to toy!
Good ole Scooby Doo a
This Toy brings back great memories about the cartoon series about that crazy dog on TV. It would be so great to hear the theme song along with it.
Scooby Dee Doo!
My son loves this toy! It shows for a younger age group but my boy is a huge Scooby Doo fan and is 11 years old! There are very few Scooby Doo items today!!

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