4.5 5 0 47 47 Playtex knows babies and the proof is in our Playtex® VentAire® bottle. The VentAire® is uniquely designed to reduce colic through a bottom venting system that helps reduce air ingestion. The angled bottle design promotes a semi-upright feeding position, recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections. The VentAire® Bottle is compatible with all new Playtex® nipples to match baby’s unique preferences.
Playtex® VentAire® Baby Bottle
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I would recommend for any baby! Great for keeping air off their tummy weather they have colic or not! Bought for my 3rd baby and wish I had these for the first two! No fussing from gas or colic and they get their belly full of formula not air!
It’s okay. The bottle overall I was so excited to use with my second child. I liked the colic help. Overall I had issues multiple times with multiple different packages and sizes of the bottle. I had leaking problems with the rings around the bottles. I had issues with the nipples holes ripping. I personally didn’t like it as much as I had hoped.
Great bottles
My son had colic very bad for about 6 months. I switched to these ventAire bottles and the helped alot with keeping the air out so he only consumed the milk. Great bottles easy to clean.
Love it!!
I loved these bottles. The worked so well with both my children I can’r wait to use with my next child. So easy to clean and replace the parts. I would and have recommend this product.
No more gas
These are great. No air gets in my baby's tummy he rarely has gas which is wonderful. They are easy to use and clean. This is the only bottle I use at the moment. Great design and easy for him to hold it.
works well for even a newborn!
The nipple on these is great for breast fed babies! My 2 week old took to this bottle great! She never used a bottle before but did well with these. I highly recommend!
Our grandchildren have a habit of being very colicky and this helps a bunch
Favorite bottles
My and my baby loved these bottles. The vent reduce the colic to non, which make both the mom and the child happy. Really good quality and really easy to use and to clean.
Playtex Bottles
These bottles seem to help slow the feeding time down, since my daughter ate so fast! It did seem to help reduce her gas because she took in less air while drinking. They do leak if you don't get them put back together just right, which is a pain, especially overnight when no one wants a hassle.
Nice concept
Really liked the bottle but it leaks . With me constantly busy with other children it ends up being a headache and such a mess . If this hadn't been a issues this bottle would be great! Unfortunately because it leaks I wouldn't recommend it.
Nice bottles but can leak
These bottles are great for my daughter who had a lot of gas issues. They slow down her feedings. However, if the top and bottom isn't screwed on tight enough they will leak.
Just okay
I tried this bottle to help reduce gas for my baby. I did like that it's angled to help reduce air bubbles but the rubber seal started leaking after a few uses which turned me off. Since then I found another colic brand of bottles that work better.
We used this type of bottle for all of my little brothers (there’s 6 so we used ALOT of these) and it works amazing. Other bottles we’d try they’d end up gassy and spitting up a lot, with this the air flow helped and there wasn’t all that extra air to make them gassy
We tried a lot of bottles to see if my current 2 month old cowhide take and only 4 bottles made the cut. This bottle is amazing. I love that it’s anti-colic and reduces air bubbles. No one wants a whinny, cranky, fussy baby. I love the curve in this bottle holding it is perfect form. We initially revived one in our target baby box then after trying we bought 3 more. My son drinks breastmilk perfectly out of it

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