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Pledge Dust and Allergen Furniture Spray
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Furniture spray
Pledge dust and allergen furniture spray leaves my furniture feeling and looking like new. The lemon scent leaves my entire house smelling fresh and I can also use this spray around my child who has sinuses
An Oldie But Goodie!
Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish has been around since 1958. So, you know it is a product that you can trust on your finest furniture. Spray a little bit on your dust cloth and dust and polish away! It leaves your furniture and the entire room looking clean and shiny!
Always leaves my wood sparkling clean!
My house has a lot of dark wood accents that show dust very easily. This product has always been my go to to take care of that dust quickly. Pledge leaves a great smell and a better shine on all of my wood accents!
Smells like lemon
I have been using this product all my life to clean furniture. I like how this smells and how it leaves furniture smelling like fresh lemons. It easy to use and does it's job. It does built up however after weekly uses. I do recommend using not so often though.
Still the Best
My grandmother used Pledge, my Mother used Pledge and now I use Pledge - because it works. It really cleans and keeps wood furniture and cabinets healthy and shiny. The lemon scent is very pleasant and not overwhelming.
Smells very strong. Cleans good through and leaves a good shine
Awesome product!
Always my go to when Im dusting the house. leaves everything clean and smelling great! No streaking!!!
Great product!
Love the lemon smell. Fills up the house and smells much fresher.
Pledge Lemon
I love the freshness of the smell. It still has the great cleaning of regular pledge but the smell goes throughout the house.
I’ve grown up using only pledge for furniture
Best furniture cleaner, duster, protector out. It always leaves a fresh scent and nice glow. I started buying this when my daughter found out she was highly allergic to dust mites. She breathes better, and we have less issues for her health. I’m forever thankful for this pledge product.
It works
I was mopping my grandmother's kitchen, but I didn't know where she kept her cleaner, and she gave me this to mop with. The floors looked amazing, but were super slick. Silliness aside, when you use it for furniture it works and works well.
My favorite furniture polish!
I have tried other furniture polishes and always go back to Pledge. I love that Pledge cleans smudges easily and bring out the shine in the wood. I love the fresh lemon scent after polishing all my furniture!
Pledge always delivers!
Pledge has always been my go-to furniture polish in my home. This Pledge Lemon Clean shines my furniture and protects it as well. It also leaves a nice lemon scent. Everything I need in furniture polish, Pledge does!
Yes Pledge
I am a Pledge fan from way back. The smell of it makese think clean. I've tried cheaper dust sprays and you get what you pay for. I know with pledge I can dust once a week and it'll still be fairly dust free on the next dusting day!
I ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
I recommend it clean smell I loved it♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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