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Pledge Dust and Allergen Furniture Spray
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Love pledge !!
I absolutely love this furniture polish! I love how it leaves my wood shiny and smelling great!!!! This is definitely a must have for me when i dust! Nothing compares to this at all!
Amazing wood cleaner
I've been using this wood cleaner since my mom taught me to clean. It's been my go to since I can remember. I recommend this product to anyone anywhere and anytime.
Wonderful Product
Pledge is a household staple in our house! Dust, Clean and Shine all in one! our furniture wouldnt be the same without it. Just wish it was a little bit more eco friendly! What a great scent though!
Great Product
Great for counter tops before meal preparation. It’s a good product. Don’t be a germiphobe because that attitude will cause you to live in unreasonable fear. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to feel.
Furniture spray
I love trying out cleaning products because I clean constantly every week. I have three children and two dogs so the house is always messy. These products are always a must try. Although I did not like how much quantity I had to use in one load, I thought it was ok. Furniture spray
The only one I use
I’ve tried the other brands. They left my wood greasy. I have always used Pledge but the store was out so had to buy a different kind. Boy I regretted that ! Pledge doesn’t leave a thick oily residue on my furniture. It cleans and holds a brilliant shine and repels dust all month lone.
Pledge Dusting Polish
This is the only brand I use. The others leaves streaks and doesn't work as as well.
Perfect for wood furniture and floors. I would highly recommend it for your wood polishing needs. :) 123456789101121314151617181920 for sure this amount of usage I think it perfect.
Miracle shine
I love this lemon pledge. Makes all my wood furniture look new. It erases the dust & replace with a shine like never before. This is great as is. Yes I would recommend to everyone.
Great product
I love anything lemon scented and this stuff is great. Who doesnt sneeze like crazy when i contact with dust? Thats where this product comes in handy. It cleans well and smells nice. Will purchase again.
Who doesn't love this classic?
Lemon pledge is one of the rare "must haves" for cleaning products in any household. I use it on all my wooden furniture with no worry of staining (for the unfinished pieces) and no residual grease on all. The smell is pure nostalgia: a bright lemon that is clean and crisp. I have never used this on metals, etc. so cannot speak for its effectiveness, but for the low price - why not try it even if you do not have wood to clean and dust? (Just please do not use this for hardwood floors... weird)
This brings back memories from my childhood. My grandmother used this and my mom too. I use it as well. I love this product. It gets the job done and smells fantastic.
Lemon Pledge
An old favorite! Three smell takes me back tommy childhood & its honestly the best polish out there in my opinion.
An Oldie but Goodie
Lemon Pledge has been around since I was born. I remember my grandmother and mother using Pledge to clean and polish furniture. I too use pledge at least twice a month to clean and polish my furniture. I love it and would highly recommend Lemon Pledge to others.
no comparison
Is there really anything other than Pledge to clean your wood furniture? My mom has been using it for years too. I know I can trust Pledge on my antique furniture and it won't get ruined, it leaves a nice clean lemon scent too.

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