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Pledge Dust and Allergen Furniture Spray
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Pledge lemon clean
This is one of my all time favorites, not only does it get the dust gone, it smells great while doing it..
Best Ever
I love all of the pledge products and this is another to add to them. It doesn't leave a nasty film on anything and it keeps my furniture dust free longer than any other product I have tried. Definitely recommend this!!
Lemony Fresh Scent
Pledge was always a staple product growing up so, it makes sense that I would also have this in my current cleaning arsenal. This one leaves a great smells after cleaning and makes the wood furniture look like new. It leaves a nice sheen finish to the wood. A little goes a long way and too much of it can be a bad thing - even if it does smell amazing.
Love it
I remember my mother using pledge. I have also used it over the years and love how it smells and how it works on my wood furnature.
Pledge Lemon Clean Furniture Polish
I've been using Pledge lemon-scented furniture polish since I can remember, and my mother always used it. It's definitely a product that does the job and always leaves a pleasant fresh lemony scent.
Old and reliable
I love pledge. I grew up with it and I have also tried other brands but still come back to pledge cause it works the best. It rehydrates the wood with no film or greasy fill left.
Pledge is the best!!
From the age of 4 until i reached adulthood, i was raised by my grandmother. As s kid i remember her using lemon scent pledge to clean and polish all the wood furniture. Shes been gone since 2016, but everytime i use this in my home, it takes me back to her house growing up.
Great cleaning tool
I love using pledge! It smells great while leaving my tables clean!
Cleans and Polishes
Awesome product! I use Lemon Pledge on my wood furniture. I spray on and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. It cleans stains and lifts dust and it polishes the wood. Best thing is the lemon scent!
That 🍋 smell is everything
Pledge Lemon clean is something my family has used since i can remember. I can remember my grandma using pledge to dust all the time and that smell is still soothing to this day. I only buy the lemon pledge because it really does get the job done. It works on pretty much any hard surface and leaves with a protective layer so that it's not dusty the next day.
Great smell
Great product it acomplish the surface polish and give the shine and gloss the surface need.Also like that it protect for long time my woods surface.
Part of my daily cleaning!
I have tried this and the store brand and all I can say is, Pledge is 100% better and more effective.. Pledge doesn’t leave streaks or leave spots after cleaning. I also love the clean lemon scent! I use this everytime I tidy up. It’s great!
Smells great
I loved the scent and the fact that it is not as harsh as others, bc my oldest son has horrible reactions to most, he was completely fine when I used this particular product.
A staple product for my home
I have a lot of wood furniture in my home. I have been using pledge for years. I like the way it smells and it gives the wood a nice glossy finish that lasts for some time. I don't use any other brand for my wood
I love pledge spray for hard furniture it cleans great without harsh streaks and leaves a clean scent behind!

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