Plum Organics Mighty 4 Blends Apple, Blackberry, Purple Carrot, Greek Yogurt, Oat & Quinoa

4.9 5 0 110 110 Every pouch is filled with essential nutrients from 4 food group favorites to fuel your active tot.
Plum Organics Mighty 4 Blends Apple, Blackberry, Purple Carrot, Greek Yogurt, Oat & Quinoa


Good learning food
My daughter used this and similar items when she was younger. They were easy foods for a little toddler to feed herself and she always asked for her pouches.
Sounds like an odd combination but very well received!
I wasn’t sure about this flavor as it seemed like weird a mix of everything. But this ended up being my son’s favorite flavor pouch out of all of the different flavors and brands we have tried so far
My 2 year old
My babies love these she get so made when they are gone we definitely try to keep these around the house because she needs them and im happy because they are good for her and plus doesn't get messy.
Toddler loves these!
My little one loves these as a to-go snack when we go walking. By the time she's a little tired of running and walking she gulps down some Hint water and has a PLUM mighty 4 compote. She loves them and finishes them in a flash! These are also lifesavers if your child (especially toddler) is having trouble going to the bathroom).
Plum organics
Plum Organics Mighty 4 Blends Apple, Blackberry, Purple Carrot, Greek Yogurt, Oat & Quinoa are so good
This is a very good dish even my grandchildren love
Easy and healthy!
It is convenient to take with you! In the car or on a walk, this is a convenient, healthy and healthy snack for children and for mom. There are no GMOs or artificial additives! I always have this at home and take it with me for a walk!
Great for our little one
Our little guy loves these Plum pouch baby foods. I sometimes put the baby food in a bowl and spoon feed him but he will eat from the pouch. We love the different flavors and mixes. Perfect blend for little ones.
like these for the mixture
I like these Plum packets because they have a verity of food and flavor in them to give to the our baby. Our daughter loved these and I like getting creative with some the mixes of teh food combinations i make at home...These are a re good substitute incase we go out of town or in hurry.,
Great for babies
Both of my kids would have these as a snack as babies and they are great for on the go and easy to pack or for a snack at anytime also they have many flavors. I would recommend this brand
Mighty 4
My lil guy loves these for snacks while playing. He lights up when he sees them
older son loved these as a toddler. they are very helpful to satisfy a young tot when busy or out and about
So yummy!
I was really uncertain how I would feel about this product, but curiosity got the better of me. Not only is it delicious but it is super filling! The texture is a little funky at first, but honestly my only complaint is that I wish there was MORE!
Plum Mighty 4 Pouch
Love love love these pouches! Practically the only way I can get veggies in my little one's diet. They are easy to use for the little ones, and great for on the go. Plus, they are the perfect serving size! These got me through those early stages of introducing foods, and we still use them now that awe are in the older-toddler phase as they are great for ensuring that daily rations of fruit/veggies are met!
Love it!!
This is my 5 month old favorite brand. She loves all their food

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