Poo~Pourri Before You Go Flush Down in Oak Moss + Grass + Citrus

4.8 5 0 152 152 Intercept bathroom odor and protect your tight end with an invigorating blend of oak moss, grass and citrus.
Poo~Pourri Before You Go Flush Down in Oak Moss + Grass + Citrus


Take it everywhere
I have this is a normal size and a travel size. It is so convenient when you are out and get nervous! It covers all the smells!
This is an absolute must have product. We first used it on vacation knowing we'd have multiple in the same room. This covered up everything and no smells
Finally! A product that actually works for that certain time when it seems nothing else ever has. I won’t and don’t GO without it. I even carry one in my purse for the unfortunate times I need to visit public places.
Great to hide your stank from coworker
Have a curry for super and now the boss is in the top stall? Just carry your Poo pourri give it a spurt and your good to “go”!
Must have
Tried this product and it’s truly magical. Afterward ... I purchased a bottle for each of our 4 restrooms. Amazing.
Must have
I recently tried these products and I must say they are a must have in a restroom. I have one in every bathroom because I feel like they are needed. It gives people the confidence to go to the restroom. It does lock and trap the odor which I love!
A must have in my house!
I have 4 teenage boys who used to leave my bathrooms not smelling the best. I got this with the hopes that maybe when they used the bathroom it might help cut down on the stench and it did. The scent really is nice and we no longer have to worry about the smell of their bms wafting through the hall. very nive lemon scent
Can't tell it smells
When I use this product it had a refreshing citrus smell. That was the predominate lingering smell. It was a pleasant smell. I sprayed several times prior to going. I would recommend.
Stinky smell goes away
I love this spray work great specially when someone goes to the bathroom and you can't used the bathroom because the smell... I spray this and keave the bathroom couple minutes tge smell goes away now the bathroom smell good
I love it!!
This honestly is the best stuff!! I carry it around in ny purse with me and make sure I never run out! No more bathroom anxiety here!
Embarrassment Free
Saves you from those embarrassing moments out in public, at home, the office, or wherever that urge hits you. Imo, no improvements needed on this A+ product! I recommend to all my family and friends. They all get it for gifts from me.
Best thing ever invented.
This is awesome to keep in your purse cause. You never know when you gotta go
Can't poop without it
This spray works wonders. I have used Febreeze, body sprays, lysol and scentsy products which start to smell like number 2 after a few sprays. I was excited when I found this and after I used it once I was hooked. After I go number 2 and before I flush I spray a few spritz directly into the bowl. It's like I never went! I have one in my bathroom and I leave one in my purse just in case!
Every Bathroom Needs PooPourri
I did not receive this as part of a free product trial. That said, I bought this product on the website and since have bought more for every bathroom, for gifts and a pocket size for my purse. Unlike bathroom fragrance sprays, poopourri actually works in covering up any and all scents from the bowl. It stops them from exiting the toilet. I really wish all bathrooms had some available rather than a can of spray that just mixes florals with stink!
Really works
This really works and it also smells really go. I bring it everywhere to feel more comfortable. I have one in every bathroom!

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