Post Honey Bunches of Oats Granola French Vanilla Almond

4.9 5 0 619 619 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Granola Honey Roasted clusters made from whole grain oats. Sweetened with natural wildflower honey. Contains 100% whole grain.
Post Honey Bunches of Oats Granola French Vanilla Almond


So tasty
Great packaging and size. I loved the resealable bag for added freshness!
Love Granola, LOve French Vanilla!!!
Our family likes to add French vanilla granola to our cereals, especially my teenager!! This is a nice crunchy granola with that fresh French vanilla taste. Our family loves finding new finds in cereal!! We go though 4 boxes of cereal a week!!
Americas Reviewd
These are amazing so healthy perfect for on the go I give these a 10 my kids love them you need to try these these are mom approved
Good wholesome stuff
I love adding this to my yogurt. Sometimes I eat it right out of the bag.
Tastes great
I use this as a treat in my yogurt. It adds a nice sweetness and crunch to the yogurt. I love it!
Good for on the go breakfast!
Love pairing this with some Greek yogurt in the mornings!
Absolutely Love This
This is delicious, even though almonds in my granola isn't my favorite I would till willingly eat this on a regular basis. It is really good, not too sweet as some granolas can be and the crunch is really nice. The only thing is that if you have a sensitive mouth the crunchy and hardness of the granola can hurt the roof of your mouth.
Yogurt topping
This granola is my go to treat with my favorite yogurt. It’s got just the right amount of crunch and burst of flavor.
They are sweet and crunchy but overall they taste great.
This granola is perfect on yogurt and on ice cream. It is not a really hard and crunchy yogurt. I love it. And it is healthy too.
Great snack!
Me and my son both love these! They are a great tasting and healthy snack. I love that they aren't too hard to eat. Before I would buy the cereal and pick these out of them so these are great!
Not hard
It’s an enjoyable crunch with out felling like I’m eating rocks. It taste great alone or added to something like oat meal, yogurt, frozen desserts etc...has a nice flavor that doesn’t taste artificial. I’d Recommend this product!
Yummy in my tummy
I absolutely love, love,love granola. This granola is amazing. I love to top my yogurt with this granola the added crunch is so good and I also take a little baggie of this to work and munch on it throughout the day. This is so yummy.
Delicious and crunchy
Slightly sweet and crunchy. Excellent mixed into yogurt!
Yogurt and in cherrios
I love this granola flavor! I totally eat it either of 4 ways & recommend others to try it too: On Plain Greek yogurt, plain Cheerios, plain oatmeal and by itself.

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