4.4 5 0 172 172 They're crunchy, mini Nutter Butters in every cereal box.
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Very Yummy
I purchased this for my 3 kiddos when I received a coupon for it. We have always been a fan of nutter butter cookies so i thought we would like this as well. It turned out to be quite delicious and satisfying. The kids like it for breakfast with milk or for an afternoon snack without milk. It tastes a lot like nutter butter cookies and i would recommend this product.
Could be a lil better
It doesnt hold its crunchiness long enough. So dont make a big bowl. Overall it has good flavor does taste like the cookie.
Family Review
I loved them! The kids and husband did not like them. They said they didn't like the taste. We are all fans of the cookies though. But the cereal did not win in my house of four!
Taste like the cookie!
If you like nutter butters then you need to try these. They taste great dry or in milk. I think they actually taste better in milk though. They don't get soggy too quickly. My son loves these as well
Love peanutbutter food products was really excited to try this cereal it tastes fine but not a big peanutbutter taste that I expected it also left a strange film in my mouth
Yummy,yummy,like it with milk or without. It is like the butter cookies to me
Its Okay
It kind of has a weird taste to it after your first bowl. Also has a weird smell.
Post Nutter Butter Breakfast Cereal
Yummy! Yummy! With both milk or right out of the box this cereal scores a 10!
Surprising Peanut Butter Flavor
Nutter Butter cereal tastes just like the cookies. What a surprise! My family loved this cereal so much that I had to buy a second box the next day. I just wish it had less sugar.
Post Nutter Butter
Good dry or with milk. I even used it with marshmallows to make treats.
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Little bits of delishishness
I loved this ,this is my favorite cookie,I'm in love with this cereal its every bit as good as the cookies it has a great taste there just right size I've eater three or four boxes of this already I've even eaten this dry as a snack instead of the actual cookies
Tried this cereal because it was on sale. Had good flavor but was a little to sweet for me, my husband said said so also as he loves the cookies.
Guilty Pleasure
These babies are on my favs list. I love the cookies so I figured I'd give the cereal a shot. Boy, was I glad I did! They're just as delicious as the cookies so I'm happy to crunch on them when needing to curb my desire for something sweet.
Tastes like the cookies
It tastes like the cookies but it is way to sweet for me. If you are a big sweets fan and like the the cookies then this is the cereal for you. Try it for yourself I guess.

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