4.5 5 0 431 431 Post Oreo O's Cereal is a delicious way to start the morning. It features a rich creme and chocolate flavor that makes breakfast very sweet.
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No dunking required
The flavor is so close to Representing the taste of an Oreo cookie, my kids love it and I enjoy it from time to time (I’m not a big cereal eater)
best cereal definitely would recommend this cereal to others, if you love Oreo's then you will most definitely love love the cereal!
Not too much. But just right.
My friend put me on. I was hesitant that it'll be overly sweet. But it was so good. I personally think it's better than the original Oreos.
over rated
If you like Oreos you would be better off eating the cookies. The cereal does not taste that close to the cookies and leaves some sediment in the bottom of the bowl.
Yum yum
So my children had to have this cereal. We bought it, I tried one small Oreo O and oh my goodness!! You guys, this cereal is so so good! Flavor is wonderful, doesn’t get soggy fast, and makes the milk chocolate!
I am a 32 year old mother of 2. I do not care for chocolate. I never have. Once in a while is ok. I will eat an oreo maybe once a month or two. Honest statement there. This cereal is AMAZING!! I ate half the box after I "tried" my first bite. It's just enough of everything and not too much of anything if that makes sense haha. Sweetness, creamy middle, chocolate, even the crunchiness is just right. This TOTALLY is a dry snack favorite also in my opinion. There were some legal issues and it was just released the last year or two again. Not sure what its future will be so you better go get some now before they take it off the shelves again!! And I've only seen it at Walmart since it's been re-released. And I'm not a fan of Walmart so definitely not endorsing them either haha. Just speaking what I know.
Actually good
They. Taste like Oreos but I’ve always liked this kind of cereal and I usually get it all the time.
I expected more
While the flavor of this was good, it was not great. Seeing Oreo in the name, I expected more. It definitely satisfies your sweet tooth craving, but honestly I don't really taste anything related to the Oreo cookie. I wasnt crazy about the texture either. The little white bits stuck on kind of scratch my mouth. OWWW!! Chewing it is work in itself. I would only purchase this again if it was deeply discounted/a great sale. Other than that, I would just prefer to buy the actual cookies themselves.
Just OK
We were excited to try this for something different. We don't usually buy sweet cereals but who doesn't love oreos and milk? It was definitely not what I expected. I am not sure how to explain the flavor was just "off". It was also a bit pricey.
Tastes like Oreos but Bland
These definitely have the light taste of Oreos, but I find them a little bland. They mostly taste like a bunch of sugar (they are very sweet), but if you know they are supposed to have an Oreo flavor then it's definitely detectable.
I was hoping these would be a lot better, but they didn't live up to my expectation. They were still good!
So in my family all of us love Oreos cookies so while grocery shopping at Kings Sooper we came across this cereal & just thought of giving it a try because why not. I know it's not the healthiest of snack or cereal to have but good to have at times. My husband absolutely loves the taste. Not too sugary & good tasting. Though I try to keep Oreo cereal days to minimum but at times when you want to treat yourselves good to have rather than snacking on potato chips or something even more healthier. I will buy it again.
This cereal is so good. Definitely different than other cereals
Oreos are for cookies
I tried these and i love Oreo cookies but. I just wasnt in love with the cereal. I think the double stuff in the middle was missing. But i love the cookies. Yum Yum!!!!
After trying the chocolate chip chips ahoy cookie cereal, I really didn't have high hopes for this one. But It's a bit better than the chocolate chips. My husband actually really likes these ones. My 4 kids didn't even try it. Husband ended up eating the whole box himself.

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