4.4 5 0 250 250 Post Oreo O's Cereal is a delicious way to start the morning. It features a rich creme and chocolate flavor that makes breakfast very sweet.
Post Oreo O's Cereal
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Good but not great
I love Oreos so I had to try these once. I liked them but as I kept eating them I got less enthused with them. I felt like they kept getting sweeter the more I at them. I personally think that has to do with the white cream spots on them. I think I like to eat them better without milk because then it’s not overwhelmingly sweet.
My current favorite cereal
I really like this cereal. I don’t normally use milk and they are very crunchy and satisfy my sweet tooth without a ton of calories.
My son loves this!
He eats them right out of the box without milk. They are great l, not just for breakfast, bit as a snack.
Too sweet
I love oreos, but this, in my opinion does not taste like ores. The chocolate isn't quite right and it is much too sweet. Pieces are too large, it's quite the mouthful!
It's just like eating an oreo! One of my favorite chocolate cereals
Would Recommend!
Was a little skeptical as to how they would test compared to an Oreo but was amazed! Definitely not an every morning cereal but a good treat to mix up your options at home. Kids will love it without a doubt.
All time favorite
This is my #1 choice when it comes to cereal, I have been heartbroken for years since they took it away, so when I seen it was back in stores last year....I lost it!! I love it. ITs delicious, and i am not even an oreo fan so that says a lot! You won't be disappointed if you get theses!
This is such a good cereal it does taste a lot like Oreos and has a rich chocolate flavor with a sugar coating. The cereal milk tastes so good after finishing the yummy cereal. I hope they add marshmallows to this one.
Liked the chocolate flavor of this cereal it was sweet held up in milk and good for eating out of the box
Very sweet!
The marshmallows were yummy and were a chocolate version of lucky charms in my opinion!!! I liked the sweetness of the cereal and it definitely wakes you in the morning lol overall pretty good!!!!!
Yummy chocolate cereal
I don't know how accurate they are to the flavor of an actual Oreo, but they're pretty tasty! And not too rich for breakfast, as an actual Oreo would be (for me at least), so that's a plus.
Not very good
We bought these at the grocery one day and we tried them, not very good at all and taste absolutely nothing like Oreo's. Very misleading! This girl is obsessed with Oreo's so I was a little upset over this. Wasted $4 on a box of cereal. :(
One of my favs
Loved it. Defiantly one of my favorite cereals. After letting it sit in my milk a few minutes its the perfect texture.
Best cereal ever oreo cookies in milk dream come true turns your milk chocolate
No dunking required
The flavor is so close to Representing the taste of an Oreo cookie, my kids love it and I enjoy it from time to time (I’m not a big cereal eater)

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