4.5 5 0 219 219 If you love chocolate chip cookies - and seriously who doesn't - try this chip off the old block!
Post Original Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cereal Box
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delicious and crispy cereal. I will continue buying it. it's super delicious and it's not that sweet
Pretty Good
Im not into cereal as much as my kids but i did try these and was surprised they were actually good. My kids loved them and now they are one of the go to boxes.
LOve this cereal! i eat it and eat it and eat it and eat it! Numnumnumnum!
Chips Ahoy Cereal
A tasty chocolate chip cookie like cereal. Has a nice cookie shape and texture. Delicious with milk for breakfast or as a snack. Love that it is cholesterol free! Would recommend to anyone that loves cookies and milk!
A Favorite
This cereal is definitely a favorite of mine and my girls. The small cookie shape makes it fun to eat them and they are just as equally delicious. It’s definitely a favorite cereal of mine.
It tastes exactly like cookies!!! I love how the cereal doesn't get soggy right away, it holds its crunch without being too hard.
Everyone loves a mini
So I almost pooed myself when I noticed Post came out with this insane new line of cereals. Nutter Butter, Sour Patch Kids, AND the *chips ahoy cookie kind. (Many other. I love the Donette one too. But we're here to talk about the chips ahoy. It is just like the big cookie but they shrank it and made it available to put in a cereal bowl and that is GENIUS
No me gusta
No me gusto esperaba mas me dio un olor como a croquetas de perro lo compre una vez y no lo volvia a comprar a mis hijos tampoco les gusto
We bought this cereal for snacking in the bed at night. We eat it dry. It really tastes like chips ahoy cookies, not like a cereal.
Just Like Real Cookies!
A favorite at my house, unless homemade cookies are lying around! Crunchy cookies are so authentic tasting that I even eat these little nibs of joy without milk! My go-to sweet during a binge! This is not just a morning cereal, people!!
Cookies are better
My family loves Chips Ahoy cookies. They are a staple in our house! When my daughter saw the cereal she was excited to try it. Being avid Chips Ahoy cookie fans the cereal fell flat for them.
Stick to Cookie Crisp
This is just a knock off of Cookie Crisp. Stick to the original.
My midnight snack.
My new favorite midnight snack! This is absolutely perfect and i love it! I use to be a cookie crisp girl but i got these on sale and i fell inlove.
Love cereal this had a nice sweet flavor it stayed crisp in milk and was good just eating from the box
Chips Ahoy!
A great treat for those lazy mornings when you don't feel like cooking but still want something delicious. Gives you that little extra sugar pep but not so much that you're bouncing off the walls. Plus, anyone that loves the classic chips ahoy cookie is bound to love these!

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